Vol.786 The Secret of Prince Shotoku


In November of this year 2021, an event occurred in which the data of Prince Shotoku and his clan, which had been sealed behind the dark side, began to come to the surface. The reason for this was that when I launched the Hado Channel, I kept thinking that it would be preferable to have a disclosure of information that would awaken the Japanese language brain, in order to prove the existence of the spiritual world.  In the “Final Knowledge,” it is written that when I contacted Nichiren, I pointed out the problems with the religious groups in Japan today that were based on the Lotus Sutra, and his answer was that the Lotus Sutra had power. However, the disclosure of Prince Shotoku’s secret has revealed its true nature. It tells us that the root of the current crisis in Japan’s political situation lies in the secrets of Japanese history itself. The disclosure of this information is as follows.

Prince Shotoku introduced Buddhism to Japan, understood the importance of “Myoho Renge Kyo” from its sutras, and tried to entrust the future of Japan to this knowledge, or made various preparations to do so.

Part of this history is that during the conflict between the Buddhist Soga clan and the Shintoist Mononobe clan, Prince Shotoku took the Buddhist side and helped to destroy the Mononobe clan, and it was thought that the country would become a Buddhist country. But this country took a different path after the Taika Reform by Prince Naka no Ohe and Nakatomi no Kamatari. Under this system, a major historical event occurred, the defeat of the battle of Hakusonkō and after the death of Emperor Tenchi and after the Jinshin War, Emperor Temmu ascended the throne.

In this process, the Kojiki and Nihonshoki were compiled, and Prince Shotoku continued to be an important key person there as well. However, after the mysterious death of Prince Shotoku, his son Prince Yamashiro family was also destroyed by Soga no  Iruka. After that, there was no more mention of Prince Shotoku. In fact, this is the greatest mystery of the two Chronicles. 

Since I began to have certain exploratory abilities towards the spiritual world, my interest in this Prince Shotoku had led me to explore each of the spiritual worlds: the ghost world, the Buddha world, and the divine world.  But there were only memories in those places.

And yet, it was only near the end of the year 2021, when the spiritual world declared the first year of Shinki ( Divine Age),  that this information was released from beyond the dark side that covers the entire planet.

What I understand at this point is that there is a possibility that the presence of Prince Shotoku may have provided some kind of impediment to the activation of the system of Japan that the spiritual world placed in the Japanese archipelago.

Another possibility is that behind the succession of information about Nakatomi no Kamatari and the Shinto religion that followed him, there was some kind of will that erased the data about Prince Shotoku. There is probably a deep connection between this event and the fact that Shinto Norito has lost its ability to transmit the divine world since the Meiji era.

If this Prince Shotoku is the future Buddha according to the HadoSeal information that has already been disclosed, then from now on, something serious will happen in the whole country of Japan. Regarding this matter, a message was sent from Buddha to the head of the Shinlogy Lab, so I would like to post the information below.

The significance of this is important, and as the realization of the Lotus Sutra progresses in the Japanese archipelago, the “new horizon of humanity” that I am talking about will truly be seen as a place that beyond God and surpasses Buddha.


December 2, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo


Friday, November 26th, 2021 from 16:11

In response to Maitreya’s question, Buddha spoke about the eternal petition…

The end of the age of wandering

Those who have never known themselves before will aspire to know themselves.

Those who have no knowledge of themselves will never be able to achieve the Way.

Only the Buddha knows the wonders of the world, the wonders of the path.


(Modern translation)

The age of self-discovery is over
As long as you are searching for yourself, you will never find your true self.
Enough is enough.
It is time for you to get rid of that gloom in your eyes that has been deceiving and abusing you.
(Well, that is, of course, what it means to be judged.)

“Oh, how far from enlightenment we are born, how far from enlightenment we live on the path! How many ornate decorations distract us from this!”

That means that Buddhas, gods, humans, plants and animals are all in the same position.
In that position, there is no way to say that God is better, Buddha is better, or that person is better.
We only have to face our own karma.

I wonder if my words will reach the hubris of the gods and the Buddhas at all.