Vol.785 Awakening of the Japanese Archipelago

On the 19th of November of this year 2021, I received a message that the earth is ready to become a vessel of Judgment, just like humans.

To confirm this, I climbed Mt. Kasagi, the site of Emperor Go-Daigo’s Genkou Rebellion, on the 21st.  This mountain is the place where Kasayan, a famous cat who guided people on their way, used to live, and there’s  a story that before Kasayan the cat, there was Yujiro, a dog that guided the way. Just as the folklore of a dog named Yukimaru, that was the favorite dog of Prince Shotoku and used to talk with him, remains in the prince of Nara, it seems that this line connecting Kyoto and Nara has some sort of geographical location that influences the perception of humans and animals. It may be linked to the fact that the stones of this mountain have a certain consciousness.

The information I got from the stones at Mt. Kasagi this time was like a memory from the time of Tenchi and Tembu, before Emperor Go-Daigo. In other words, it is information from before the establishment of the Chronicles (Kojiki and Nihonshoki).

It can be said that the Japanese archipelago is being liberated from the time and space in which it was placed for the sake of the Japanese system. With this, the consciousness of the Japanese archipelago has turned to the history of who has been trying to get the Japanese out of the archipelago.

Here please recall that Rudolf Steiner had arrived at the knowledge that at the top of the earth is the Japanese archipelago. The Japanese archipelago has regained this ancient memory in the year 2021. And this year is the 1,400th anniversary of the death of Prince Shotoku (that is, 1,400 years after his death).

To the materialistic historians who are at the center of the current educational world in Japan, it seems that there is no such historical figure as Prince Shotoku. As a matter of fact, in the spiritual world, the personality of Prince Shotoku has no seat in either the divine or Buddhist realms, and so far there is no information that he ever existed.

I said that the Japanese archipelago had been sealed from the memory of its history before the Meiji Restoration.
In the process of the declaration of Mt. Kasagi, the Japanese archipelago will be awakened to the world history that has been exposed to the invasion plans of evil human groups against the Japanese archipelago since before the Meiji Restoration.

For the human group that controls the world, the Japanese archipelago is the final destination because there is something more significant than just the fact that the Japanese archipelago was once the largest gold-producing region in the world and was called Zipangu, the land of gold. The secret is that when the Japanese islands are awakened, the entire planet will remember its original role in this universe, which opens the way for the planet itself to become a vessel of Judgment.

So, the awakened Earth will be a hell for the human group that controls the Earth today and the dark cosmic conscious beings behind them. This was a subject that they absolutely had to stop.This is what is going to bring about the changes in the human world. Even in the monotheistic world, there is an increasing number of people who believe that the earth is one consciousness, and they call the earth Gaia. The Japanese archipelago will be awakened with the birth of the HadoSeal of Gaia. From here on, I am guessing that the land that originally existed as Gaia’s or the earth’s memory of the pre-monotheistic spiritual world data accumulated in the Japanese archipelago will remember those data.

This material universe is marking time in this direction. What is blocking it is the conscious being that originates from the dark universe. This story of Light and Darkness is about to unfold on the stage of this material universe. Those who are aware of the nature of the narrative universe in which human consciousness is trapped can face the theme of life as the hero of this battle on earth.



November 25, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo