Vol. 784 Land Divination


In November of this year 2021, a famous fortuneteller passed away, and some information about her has come to my consciousness, so here is my report. The fortuneteller, who may have been her teacher or lover, was a man who was a great scholar of Iyengaku and Yang Ming, and had a great presence in the political world of Japan during and after the war. What was reported this time was the data that their presence had caused Japan today to turn away from the global malice that was being directed at it. The Japanese archipelago and the Eurasian continent have completely different earth energies, and the fate of people living on them is also greatly affected. They didn’t know what they should have known as common sense in fortune-telling, or if they did, they didn’t tell others about it.

Whether it is Iyengaku or astrology, the existence of people with such abilities is recognized in the spiritual world. And it is also true that there are people who use them as a guide in their lives.
They are free to use their abilities for themselves. However, in the Japanese Shinto world, those information systems are nothing but kegare (defilement).

This time, information from those areas has come out, and we can now see the near future when the Japanese people will face the fact that the Japanese archipelago continues to be under a strong curse from the Korean Peninsula and the Chinese continent.
The reason why Japan has been a closed country in principle since ancient times is to prevent the transference of the cursed fate of the land in those regions.

This malice toward the Japanese archipelago is amplified by the intense anti-Japanese education provided by the Korean and Chinese governments, and it is sweeping over the Japanese archipelago as a curse hado.

Ignorant of the reality of these spiritual hado, the Japanese government accepts foreign students into the country without teaching them proper Japanese history, and even provides them with financial support that is not given to young Japanese.

Furthermore, the dark side of history will probably come out in the future, when the spiritual leader of the political party that continues the policy of accepting foreigners as immigrants who are still steeped in anti-Japanese ideology was that Yang Ming scholar.
If you don’t know the hierarchical struggle among the continents and islands in the earth behind this energy flow that has been going on since the Meiji Restoration to this day, you will not be able to stop the plan to occupy the Japanese archipelago without Japanese people, which is what the human group ruling the world today wants.

There is a word called geopolitics. It is not just a political science, but human knowledge is expanding to the point where continents, peninsulas and islands have their own spiritual hado that affect the history of the nations born there.
Beyond this issue, there will come a time when the crisis that Japan is facing today will come to the consciousness of the Japanese people.

At that time, we can assume that the economic systems of China and other countries, which were created by studying the Japanese land myth, will begin to collapse. Wall Street and the City, which were complicit in the China bubble, will not go unscathed.

It has already become common knowledge in the world that human beings are a burden to the earth consciousness called Gaia, but the land we live in now also has its own consciousness or hado (energies or vibrations). The land we live on now also has its own consciousness or hado. These energies, which were sealed up during the monotheistic era, will now be released. It is better to think that humans will be avenged by the earth.

Astrology is the way of knowing about the influence of celestial bodies on human destiny, but what we need in the future is what should be called land divination.
The human world is influenced by many different hado (energies or vibrations), and one example is a cursed house. Even if the house is gone, if the land itself is cursed, the same thing will happen again and again.  In fact, in Japan today, the land itself is being contaminated by the curse waves of the peninsula and the continent.  

From this point forward, in order for Japanese people to live in the Japanese archipelago without being affected by these malignant hado we need to learn about them and acquire the ability to neutralize them.
In order to learn this, the ability to access the correct data of past time and space is essential. The tool for this will be the HadoSeals. This is where the revival of Japan’s land will begin.





November 18, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo