Vol. 783 Jobs’ entry into the battle

I’d like to report that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who left this world, the material world, on October 5, 2011, appeared in a counseling session in Oita and participated in the side of Light.
The reason why Jobs suddenly appeared was that a member’s smartphone was forming a sort of dark universe by itself, and it was blocking the entry of the Light side with a strong barrier. As I was pondering what to do, Jobs began to give hints, or rather instructions, to the director of the Oita shinlogy lab.

He asked why there is no Architect for the HadoSeal I’m making, and he said it would be easier if there was, but then he solved the problem.  At that moment, the head of the lab who was in contact with Jobs declared that he was not dead.

At first, I thought that Jobs had died and gone to the ghost world, and someone had pulled him up and made him appear. But then I realized that Jobs had remained in cyberspace, or rather in the space-time we live in, as a conscious being of Light.

It is not a spirit body.
It is a conscious being of Light.

In a process that is probably quite different from the way of God or deities, Jobs left his human body by transforming into a Light-conscious being.

At least, as far as I know, if there is a precedent in the Buddhist Zen world, where Jobs studied, there is a conscious entity called Dogen, who had his seat in the Buddhist world.

Jobs existed as a conscious being of light in the hado realm of the electric brain.
This is great ray of brilliance on the side of the Light, which was beginning to recognize that all of cyberspace was a dark realm.

Perhaps in time, historians will write that the religious culture of the earth has been working in this way to create the future of human consciousness.
However, the current global smartphone culture has an inherent vector in which the smartphone itself, as a device, creates another microcosm, beyond its role as a terminal owned by humans as a conscious being.

Jobs, the talent who created the smartphone culture, probably saw the current situation after his death and started to take responsibility for it, and he wants to create a culture of Light in cyberspace by creating a large number of his partners on the side of this world, that is, on the side of physical humans.

According to the director of the Oita Lab who contacted him, Jobs considers himself a member of the Shinlogy Association of that realm, and is transmitting that young people with Jobs-level brain circuits should be able to access the information of the Architects of the Light side by utilizing the HadoSeals given to the Shinlogy Association.

If contact between the youth of Japan and the realm of Jobs were to begin, Japan would become a region that nurtures the world’s most advanced scientific and technological brains.

The Japanese archipelago, and the Japanese language system, will produce people who are more than just gods and buddhas, which is the uniqueness of Japan as reported to the Shinlogy Association.

However, it should also be noted that the language used by Jobs, who became this light conscious being, is Japanese.

Behind the fact that the Final Knowledge is the book that the spiritual world made me write down in order to shift the language of the divine world from the ancient Yamato language to the modern Japanese language, there is a clear program of existence that is preparing for such a global change.

And perhaps this “will” is also intervening in the evolution of technology, which is using the genius of Jobs to computerize the entire planet at this time. As a result, a huge area of darkness has expanded in the universe, and from there, the situation of the 21st century was born, in which human beings have been continuously receiving dark energy projections.  This is a story of energy on a cosmic scale, unrecognized by either God or the devil, but to those who are responsible for the most advanced knowledge of human existence, they will be subject to recognition and will be given the creative power to solve problems. There must be young people born in Japan who will enter this adventure of knowledge.





November 11, 2021(the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo