Vol.782 The Reason They Disappeared



Reaching November of this year 2021, I would like to share with you a brief explanation about the fact that the major gods of Japanese shrines are unable to confirm their existence for now. The history of the universe so far has been full of stories of battles between God and deities, as projected in the history of humankind. What will put an end to that history is what is called the Last Judgment, and apparently, that is the theme of the existence of the universe as it exists now. A compressed version of this theme of existence is monotheism and the crucifixion of Jesus, and the only reason why the Devils belonging to God do not accept Him is because they know that God is also a dark one and does not have the ability to end the history of this battle.

It has been Shinlogy’s position that the energy of those who sent Jesus to his death on the cross is unknown to his God, and that the enemy is a deity worshipped by the human group that conceives and controls the money, known on Earth as the god Baal or Moloch.  However, it is also a battle between deities. At the arrival point of this knowledge, the battle will be repeated forever.

It means that humans are just waging a proxy war for the conscious beings called God and deities. In order to truly bring this to an end, the theme of the existence of the material universe, as I have been informed, is that humans were prepared to be the vessel for the Last Judgment, and without the activity of consciousness to decipher this story, the Judgment cannot be carried out. It is for this reason that the system of the past, in which it was felt that a god or gods existed outside of human beings, has ended.

The spiritual realm, the place where God and deities exist, has shifted to the inside of human existence, and is no longer an external entity as it was before. This will allow human knowledge to enter into the ongoing cosmic story of Light and Darkness, using the history of the battles between God and deities as data from the past of our own souls.

It is naturally only those humans who have completed the Judgment of their own microcosm that can properly play a role in this cosmic story of Light and Darkness. If you want to be a part of weaving a new story in the future of this universe as a unity of God and human, you must develop the ability to deal with the dark energy that is covering the earth today.

Most of the people living on the earth today are burdened with the themes of the ancient God or deities. In order to be able to face the themes of these God and deities within ourselves, the data of the spiritual world should flow into our information system as humans, but the things that are blocking this are the dark energy of cyber space.
However, the dark energy of cyber space is blocking this. From a different point of view, it can be said that the cyber space of the electromagnetic domain that humans have created as a civilization is contaminating the spiritual world of humans, God, and deities that use a similar wave band.

Either way, the main battlefield from now on will be the microcosm of each individual.
Its mechanism can be summarized as follows.
This universe was born with a destiny that it will fight forever unless it solves its problems. The knowledge and ability to solve them comes from outside the universe, but the only way to get them is through what we call faith, or prayer. The knowledge to believe the story is on the side of Light, and the side of Darkness can only live in the karma of eternal warfare.

In other words, when Light triumphs in the microcosm of an individual human being, the amount of Darkness in the macrocosm will also decrease.
Therein lies the significance of the fact that each and every human being is born at this time with the story of God as the debt of their soul.  Those Japanese who are reading this are at the forefront of knowledge that integrates the spiritual and material worlds, and those who can organize this information in their heads will be able to lead the future of this planet to the side of Light.

The technology that we have today is evolving in a direction that seals the human world in darkness, and in order to face the reasons for this, God and deities will need to disappear from the surface of our consciousness.




November 4, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo