Vol.566 Shinlogical Thinking


Ten (sky /heaven) have decided that Seishin Gaku should be written in English as Shinlogy. However, it has now become clear that behind this is a will to disclose that there is a means of transmitting information beyond time, based on the premise that scientific knowledge is beginning to understand the system of the universe.

Its starting point is the knowledge of “final knowledge,” that a field of spiritual energy existed prior to the material universe.

In recent years, on this side of the human world, physicists have reached the point where they believe that if some kind of consciousness or will existed in the realm of energy that existed before the creation of this material universe, then that consciousness or will was projected onto the matter that came out of it, that is, everything on the subatomic level.

That’s human knowledge. In other words, human knowledge has led to the divine knowledge that “spiritual energy created the material universe,” which is the starting point of shinlogy. Then we come to the conclusion that this primordial consciousness or will is imprinted on both matter and time, as shown by Einstein’s famous E=MC², the mathematical equation of matter and time born from energy. Another starting point for Shinlogy is that both Buddha and Jesus were human beings.

If you go through the fact that they are human beings just like us, it implies that every human being has the potential to become a Buddha or a Jesus. That’s reason.  It is already scientific enough to think that the primordial consciousness and will continue to work in the series of time flow of the birth of the earth, the birth of life, and the birth of human beings in this universe.

I always referred to shinlogy as a system of knowledge that is more scientific than science.
Here, I would like to explain what I mean by the title of today’s article, “Shin*- Logical Thinking,” which means truly logical thinking. This truly theoretical system of thinking is what shinlogy is all about.

Look at the world today from the perspective of civilization’s history. The capitalism, democracy, and communism created by Western modernity are at a standstill. And unfortunately, the world of monotheistic civilization is not offering any new thoughts on how to find the value of human existence in this next era.

Shinlogy conveys the identity of the energy called Light, which is the basis of the human soul, as the trinity of Love, Courage and Justice. If you look for those who have communicated this knowledge in Shinlogical Thinking prior to Shinlogy, you will immediately think of the Three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial Family of this country.

The bead (jewel)  is a symbol of love, the sword a symbol of courage, and the mirror a symbol of justice.

Our current civilization is supported by these claims that justify human greed, which denies the consciousness and will of the creation of the universe. Consider that our life, from the genes at the bacterial level, which was the process of evolution, to the genes at the cellular level in plants and animals, is continuously exposed to the energy of evil consciousness emanating from such human greed.

It is the essence of the information I have been giving that the main theme of the story of the 2000 years, symbolized by the crucifixion of Jesus, was to bring the evil dark energy that was trying to erase the divinity of humanity from the earth into the realm of human knowledge and then grow it to the point where it could be handled by every single person living in this world.

If you think about it shinlogical way, you will realize that human existence is facing the present time in order to grow into the next higher form of existence.
The shape and system of this country hides the secret of opening that door.



September 14, 2017

Seki Tetsuo 



Shin* can also be described by the Chinese character for “真”.

真 means truth,reality,genuiness