Vol. 51 The Universe of Light and Takaamahara

As a field of spiritual energy, the current humankind is being forced to experience a program of spiritual evolution at a stage called the narrative universe. That’s a summary of the knowledge I have conveyed to you.

This material universe is paired with a field called the spiritual narrative universe. As a result, this material universe is governed by a one-way flow of time that continues to expand. The concept of time, or the concept of matter as defined by the speed of light, is the clue to understanding this universe.

In the corresponding spiritual energy field, time is also a one way path. Nevertheless, this pair of cosmic rules (that time is one-way) cannot explain the existence of such things as predicting the future and prophecy.

If it could be explained logically, this one-way flow of time could be called the law of causality. However, there are only two positions: one is to be able to observe this world governed by time from the outside, and the other is to believe that information that shows changes with the passage of time, such as a scenario prepared in advance, has been input in the time of this law of causality.

If you accept this logic, you should be able to assume the concept of a spiritual energy field, even if it is a hypothetical one, and have the attitude to think about it, but unfortunately, the current human consciousness rejects thinking by raising a wall of strong illogical feelings here.

This is where the human consciousness has been led to believe that logic is in conflict with the stories of religion and the ghost realm. If you can understand that this rejection and confrontation is a minimized version of the global problems that the human world is currently facing, then you can place the meaning and purpose of Shinlogy in conjunction with the awakening of human knowledge on this planet.

We all know on a subconscious level that there is no future for human beings unless we master how to live with such a rational way of thinking, deciphering all the phenomena of the spiritual world and transforming the dark energy that leads to destruction into something harmless.
Today’s Japanese people refuse to take on the role of purification and live in a tacit agreement that it is enough to maintain a good environment for themselves until they die.

On the other hand, some people create an equilibrium in their minds by taking advice from the professions of fortune tellers, psychics, or spiritual counselors, showing an unusual interest in spirituality, a phenomenon that apparently indicates that death is not the end. I would say that  is what is called madness.

In addition to the incidents that have been making headlines in the media, everyone feels that in the 21st century, there has been a rapid increase in the number of crazy people in the Japanese people as a whole and in Japanese society as a whole.

Some people have asked me to explain the link between this increase in the number of demented individuals and the exit of the Japanese gods. My response is as follows.

“The Japanese system of Mikotomochi did not work.”

“The system of the Japanese gods did not work either.”

“But the system of ubusuna and the system of wakemitama of the gods, which existed in each land, have contributed to the stabilization of Japanese society.” 

“However, the system that was prepared on the premise that Nihon’s system would be activated had a useful life as a system, and once that life was over and the system was activated, Nihon was expected to become the real Hiromoto…”

“There is no better scenario for Japan.”

Initially, the story I was given was that of a collaborator to the Earth, a spokesperson for the Japanese divine world. Now, as the beings of the divine world have left and descended into the human world, I have been forced to realize that I, as a human being, am the only conscious being who can tell the story of how Taka-Amahara, the place where the higher gods once existed, was created on the model of the “universe of light” that will soon come. I had no choice but to be aware of myself as a human being.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting. And after more waiting and nothing, that is, confirming that there is no scenario on the side of the earth, finally, the universe of light began to move. Eventually, many conscious beings will know that after the narrative universe, the light universe will be the next place to connect.
It is the stage of the soul after Judgment. For most of human beings, this is unrelated, but it has been my job to provide a path to get there. That turning point still seems to be this 2017.

The true spiritual energy universe is like a spaceship, capable of transcending time and space. It is similar but different from this earth or the human spiritual realm, which was imagined and created by those who cannot transcend time and space. However, the vector of spiritual evolution in this universe is aimed there. It should be obvious to everyone that people cannot go forward with the knowledge of “God” based on the current religions….



Seki Tetsuo

June 1, 2007