Tokoyo no Ukehi (Vol.760)


When I was brought into this world and had to become a transmitter of divine knowledge, I actually had some sort of fear because I somehow foresaw that I would have to go through three stages.
The first was that my role would be to go outside the Japanese divine world, but this was quickly becoming a reality.

Secondly, my role was to go outside the history of human knowledge as it exists now.
Science is now beginning to figure out the material universe, but so far it has not been able to show us why this universe is a battleground of Light and Darkness. From the standpoint of calling human beings a microcosm and the universe a macrocosm, this entire universe is projected onto human existence. Combining this with the information from the spiritual world that was delivered in conjunction with the previous light document, it became clear that there would be no liberation of the human soul unless the problems of the material universe were solved. This made it clear to me that I must go to the third stage.

The rest is what is called dark matter and dark energy, which is what science knows today. The only thing that human knowledge knows is what we humans call matter, from subatomic particles to light and further to the rocks on the earth. And even in that matter, there is a difference between the workings of matter on the Light side and the workings of matter on the Dark side, which the divine knowledge is trying to transfer to the side of the human knowledge through the workings of the IconSeal and others that were given to the Shinlogy Association.

In order to solve this problem, we need to decipher the story of God that preceded the time of the Creation, and I know from my experience so far that the way is being prepared as soon as this information is released.

Here again, I would like to quote from the recipient wrote from the previous Hikarimonjyo (light document).

“What the consciousness of the earth is rushing to do is to finish reading the narrative universe that is reflected in the material universe.
When it completes reading, the current human beings, that is, the sons of God or gods and the sons of demons, will no longer be born.”

The mechanism of the human soul changes. This is the essence of the spiritual “rebuilding” that was called the ” the Final Ichi-rin (0.01%)”.
It is assumed that this will be the next generation after the current children, the generation of the earth in twenty or thirty years.
It is Toyouke no Kami who has known and prepared for the essence of this ” the Final Ichi-rin “.

” Those children will be born with the knowledge and the covenant to reach the Final Knowledge. For this purpose I was created. Read the story of the one who prepared me, and know what the Light of Truth is. By doing so, the gods will be liberated. And this earth will be liberated.“

(Toyouke no Kami)

For this ‘path’, I have been working from the standpoint of Shinlogical Science since June of this year 2021. Why was this material universe formed as a narrative universe?  As a result of this, I have decided to create a place for the disclosure of information that will serve as a new platform as a stage for the clarification of how much of the matter, that should be Light, has become a medium for Dark energy.

It is going to be a hub of Light in cyberspace.

This will also make it clear that what I have been calling God has a role to play in connecting this material universe of time and space with the universe of Light that is supposed to be outside of it.
Toyo uke no Kami* in Japanese is 常世の誓占 (Tokoyo no Ukehi,), that is, the divinity of the eternal covenant.

In order to play the role of the one true God who connects the inside and outside of this universe, the Shinlogy Association will now function to disclose data from the spiritual world as human knowledge through the contract of Tokoyo no Ukehi.

With this, I would like to say that the day will soon come when the place of the beings who are the source of misery on earth today will disappear from this material universe. Those who can participate in such a grand adventure of knowledge are already blessed.




June 3, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo




Tokoyo*  is an eternally unchanging divine realm