“To fight “ A message received on Aug.8, 2006


On August 8th, I received a message from a being on the side of light about fighting. This information can be said to be related to the nature of the dark energy used by religious cults, so it was purposely delivered at this time.

Seki Tetsuo



“To fight”

Fighting against that which dominates and occupies our consciousness. Don’t be taken over and dominated by what you think you have been thrown into, into a dark and hopeless abyss. Remember that you are the only one who can break the darkness that seems to last forever.

Don’t be occupied and used by it. Burn it up completely. It will launch an all-out attack. Those who are not willing to fight and burn it will be taken over.

You go fight and burn it down on your own. There is no point in asking someone to help you with something. That is what the sword (Tsurugi) is for. You are free to choose either path. The power will be given to those who can have the right consciousness. You are not the only one struggling with hardship. You may be faced with an overwhelming disadvantage and have no choice but to fight.

It’s easy to give up, because that’s what you’ll convince yourself of. Remember the rules, again. There is an enormous amount of pressure on anyone who wants to make a change. A kind of “crush it” order is issued at once. In every way, they take shape and manifest in reality.

There is no need to be afraid of them, and it is absurd to be arrogant and threatening about them. Just analyze them calmly. “Emotions are like a volcano before it erupts, they can move you with tremendous energy. But don’t be swayed by them. You can not be swayed.

They will try to provoke you with aggressive words and attitudes. However, if you are influenced by their behavior and become emotional yourself, it’ s your loss. That’s what they want you to do. So don’t get carried away, don’t let your emotions react, and always keep observing with calm judgment.

If you return your emotions to someone who is provoking you with their emotions, their energy will increase even more. Pouring oil on the fire will only complicate the issue. It may be difficult to fight without moving one’s mind. This is because the rule applies that you must learn by making mistakes over and over again. This is because the next step is prepared from the point where we fail, reflect, and try not to make the same mistake next time. I don’t know why, but people are afraid of failure, hate it, and try to avoid it.

This is how people live their lives, always trying to avoid calamities and tribulations. The only thing they can see is to evacuate the situation before something happens to them. So, when you are confronted with the situation, you have no way to deal with it. Your mind starts to panic and you start to declare a state of emergency. When you’re faced with an unfamiliar situation, you don’t know how to deal with it, and your logical thought process temporarily loses communication.

In that case, you’ll  find yourself in a situation where you can’t see anything at all, even things that would be obvious if you thought about them calmly during ordinary times. This cancels out the appropriate, direct, and straightforward answers that could have been given to the other person, and leads to self-protective grumbling. Words that come out of your mouth when you are in a pinched situation are only perceived as complaining or grumbling to the other person. And, it does sound like an excuse or a complaint. When you are influenced by emotions, this kind of result is always waiting for you.

You see, those who use abusive language toward others are not aware that they are doing so. Therefore, they have no idea how their actions are affecting others. It’s not even  in their minds from the beginning. Yet, there is no need to be done as you are done. In fact, it will only increase your victimhood.” If you are depressed because of it, it will not help you. You have to fight in the right way. If you don’t speak up and tell them clearly, they won’t understand. Just remember that there is no point in bringing your emotionalism into it. Things are logic.

If you can’t give  the other person a logical reason such as “Since A is B, therefore it is C” , he will not be convinced.  That’s why I’m telling you to do the analysis in order to come up with a solution.  It means that you should keep looking, thinking, and searching to see what is wrong, what is the  problem, where  is a glitch. That means finding the problem, understanding it, and continuing to think about what the solution might be. That also means staying calm, making decisions, and constantly thinking about what the appropriate way to handle the situation is.

It should not involve the emotionalism of the individual human being. When you are in the lower levels of your consciousness, beings of a similar level will try to connect with you. At the same time, they will try to pull you in. This is how human vibrations resonate with each other.

There is no way to think of yourself as superior and the other person as inferior. Don’t make that mistake. It’s just that when you were down in consciousness, the other person happened to be at that level, too. Each of us has an upper level and a lower level. If you feel that you are falling, look up and try to return to normal state of consciousness, even if only a little. It’s just a simple question for each of us to think about what the direction of the evolution of human consciousness is.



From 1am , Aug 8, 2006

Received by vickny