Things I’d like you to know before you die


Seki Tetsuo’s message

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Most people nowadays think that they don’t know what happens when they die, because they have not experienced death before. But the truth is, they do know. And now it’s time for everyone that should know.

Let me explain why I am starting to tell the world about the theme of “When We Die” at this time.
Here is a book of mine called “Final Knowledge”. In the book, there is a record of my father, Kenji Seki, who committed suicide in 1966 while working as the head of the administration department at Osaka Prison, participating as a Mikoto in the work of bringing the spirits of the Battle of Okinawa to Light.

My father died at the age of forty-nine, and I was fifteen. My father was a survivor of the Battle of Okinawa, and although he was a wounded soldier, he was able to serve in the prison after he was demobilized, and I lived in the government building in the former Sugamo Prison, where the execution of the death penalty in the Tokyo Trials took place, until 1963. In December of the same year, I accompanied my father, who had been hurriedly sent to serve as the warden of the Hiroshima Detention Center, which had become famous during the Hiroshima War, and we lived for almost two years in Hiroshima, where it was still 18 years since the atomic bombing. Then, in the summer of the first year after moving to Osaka, my father committed suicide.

At that time, something that caused my father’s depression and lured him to his death took over my body, and I was confronted with that energy for a long time. And then one day, I finally understood. There are energy beings that drive people to suicide…. The source of supply for their energy is the Light within the soul of the person who commits suicide. When the Light is lost, the individual’s soul also loses the map of where it is supposed to go after being born into this world.

Those who are tempted by the idea that they will feel better when they die are trapped in a chain of Dark thoughts that lead to suicide for what seems like an eternity.

My father, as Mikoto*, was able to come back from the Dark side because I inherited and fulfilled the role of guiding the dead of the Battle of Okinawa, who had been imprinted on his soul, to the world of Light. There is a law here. It is for this reason that the Book of Life was given to the Shinlogy Association by divine command.

If you just can’t resist the suicidal ideation, register yourself in the Book of Life. It will possibly keep the temptation of suicide away. Even if you leave this life, you will be able to believe that there is a pathway prepared for you to reach the world of Light.