The Vessels of Judgement (Vol.10)


On August 15, 2006, a message came through that human beings have become vessels of judgment. It seems that the microcosm of each person’s soul will become a vessel of judgment and will be divided into those who will go on to the light and those who will leave to the depths of darkness.

All the divinities that had delivered the Mikoto-Fumi had descended into the human world, and I no longer needed to tell people  the myth that humans are the vessels of the divine, and then I was convinced like, “oh, the vessels of judgment, I see”.

The 20th century was a time of unprecedented carnage in the history of humankind. Even today, 61 years after the defeat, the problem has not been dealt with in the Spiritual world.

And how will that human mortal be different from the mortal who will be the vessel of judgment? This is a grand, turning point in the program of spiritual evolution. As human beings living in this time and age, we are witnessing a fundamental change in the relationship between human life and death, and between God and human souls. I am saying that the age of religion is coming to an end because religious people who look to the past cannot cope with these essential changes.

However, it is a well-known fact that the remaining frontier of humanity is in the field of spirit and consciousness. In this sense, we might predict that the coming age will be a religious one. And yet, I feel that the change will apparently be different from what humanity predicts based on past religious knowledge.

What will happen when humans become the vessels of judgment? Just think about it for a moment and you will see that a great philosophical question for humanity stands there.

If we consider the entire microcosm of the human soul as a vessel, who is the owner of that vessel? If the owner is inside the vessel, then it is not the owner who judges.  The primordial god of the earth, represented by the name “Ushitora no Konjin” is now inside the vessel of the human soul.

This Copernican revolution took place on August 15, 2006.  That is what I would like to report about for now.





August 18, 2006

Seki Tetsuo



Ushitora no Konjin is a deity that is said to have been sealed in the direction of the demon’s gate.