The summer when the bottom of darkness was revealed (Vol.769)

The Dark forces that have been controlling the world are now trying to finish reading the story of the current human race in their own way.  Superficially, the Chinese Communist Party and the group of people who control the United States appear to be enemies, but they share the common ground of being essentially atheistic. The human world, as far as the mass media is concerned, seems to operate according to the scenario of the group that controls that world, but for those of us who are aware that what they are trying to do in this world is also influenced by Bible prophecy, the thought must occur to us that there may be another divine scenario.

Facing the current state of the earth, information about God, gods, angels, etc., that would have warned (to humankind ) in the past, is rarely, if ever, communicated to anyone other than the members of the Shinlogy Association.
Instead, various information that extraterrestrials have been involved in the history of humanity is being passed on to the human world.

As I understand it, until the end of the 20th century, the hado of the consciousness of the entire planet were directed toward God, religion, and spirituality. However, in the 21st century, the age of warning ended, and gods, gods, and even demons descended into the human soul. Therefore, spiritual information is no longer going outward, and the information coming from the outside is no longer of human origin on earth.

Without fear of misunderstanding, the era of God or religions ended in the 20th century, and since the 21st century, information such as artificial intelligence born from atheistic science has been the trend in human consciousness. And apparently, this is the essence of this material universe becoming a place called the universe of stories, or in Buddhist terms, the theme of existence of the story universe in which we humans are living.

Most people still don’t understand the simple fact that the God that religions have assumed in the past is essentially different from the God proposed by Shinlogy, which holds that although there was no God in the universe, “that day and hour” will happen.

As matter of fact, it is this “that day and hour” that the human group controlling the earth today is trying to create that they will artificially execute. My conclusion at the moment is that the Wuhan virus and the change in hado caused by the Tokyo Olympics are the workings of this malevolent human group.

In the process leading up to the Last Judgment, the wicked will do evil, and do evil to the fullest extent, and will receive the retribution they deserve. Those who endure that evil deed are expected to endure it to the end. It is the universe of stories that allows such absurdity. The question that is being asked of the human souls living in Japan today is who created the source of the absurdity of this universe.In the story of God, God has never solved the absurdities of this earth, nor has he been able to save Jesus on the cross. Because of these events, God put in place the Japanese system to end the age of the Bible, and the Shinlogy Association is in charge of implementing this program. In other words, it is not the God of the Bible who carries out the promises of the God of the Bible, but the being I call Heaven who, before this universe of stories came into being, gave this universe as a stage for the realization of the story of the being who is the origin of human beings’ souls.

The essence of the information that Buddha was the one who reached the essence of this story universe with human knowledge, and that his knowledge was sought by God, is that God or gods cannot solve the problems of this earth or universe. Now, through Shinlogy, human knowledge has reached what can be called the karma of the universe. When everything comes to the surface, what has been promised will happen.

This is where the departure of the universe of Light and the departure of the universe of Darkness will be separated. I have the increasing impression that this timing is approaching more and more every day.  If you realize that the knowledge of the Psychical Association contains things that cannot be reached by human knowledge, you will understand the futility of living without learning it.
Because today’s artificial intelligence will never be able to reach that knowledge…



August 5th, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo