The Secrets of Japan (Vol.462)

This country is still suffering from the huge trauma of being defeated by the emerging nation called the United States.
The U.S., which defeated Japan and Germany to become a world empire, has a different trauma to this country.

It is the continuation of a multi-ethnic immigrant culture, the result of the murder of the native yellow race in North America by the millions and the bringing of African black slaves.

The US allowed a large number of immigrants from the peninsula to join Korea in the Vietnam War.
As a result, Korean-Americans have retained their own cultural sphere in the US.
Chinese immigrants in the U.S. used to be the working class known as coolies, but the focus of the problem is now shifting to the wealthy, including Communist Party officials who want their children to be born in the United States.

The Japanese culture of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is different from the behavioral system of Korean and Chinese immigrants.
From now on, the United States of America, as an artificial nation, will be faced with the dilemma of not being able to use at home the same behavioral principles that its racist political leaders once used to destroy the Empire of Japan.
Also Europe will have to confront its history of monotheistic violence in order to overcome the religious instability domesticated by immigration from the Middle East.

The communication from the Spiritual world that 70 years after the war will not come means that in the 69 years since 1945, this country has finished preparing for the next era.

My work is part of that preparation. However, as a result, the absolute number of people who continue to act according to the ideology of the Christian culture inside this country is decreasing.
This includes a return to Japan, or the discovery of the essence of Christianity in Shinlogy, by the spirit of a person who at one time studied the doctrines of a Korean Christian cult.

These are not my opinions as human knowledge, but data from the realm of spiritual conspiracy.  But in the 20th century, the anti-communist position of religious people has ended.

From the perspective of the Spiritual world, communism is nothing but a brainwashing system for the demonic consciousness of monotheism to place human beings under its own desires by denying the immortality of the human soul.

The result is what I call a civilization that “it ends when I die”.  Most of the current media speakers in this country  are of that position.

Also, many politicians and industrial warriors who were raised with postwar education have only reached a similar level of spirituality.
Yet, the country of Japan is the final testing ground for human souls.

I have been warning that many of the baby boomers will have their souls shut up in a layer of hell where they will never be able to be born again as human beings, and this is becoming a reality.

Cultists are led to believe that only they can be saved. The rest of us are like animals to them.

This way of thinking has given birth to the dark side of Judaism and Christianity, which is the history of the world until today.
Japan, in imitation of colonialism, was abandoned and defeated by the heavens. The wounds inflicted on Japan are still deeply traumatic, but other countries, regions and peoples will clear the negative legacies of their colonialist or racist histories will follow the spiritual path that Japan took.

Monotheistic civilizations, with their absolute theme of original sin, force the human soul to bear that burden as a contract.  Those souls that learn Shinlogy will quickly outgrow the theme of human original sin and repentance, and blossom into their true spiritual purpose.

When you realize that this study can only be incorporated into human knowledge in Japan, and only in Japanese, you will begin to see the grand secrets of this country.




October 1, 2015

Seki Tetsuo