The Righteousness of God (Vol.734)

This year 2020, in the US, the battle between light and darkness has finally become a reality. Future generations will confirm that my description of this was to prove that it was, in fact, the Japanese system in the Japanese archipelago that prepared this for us.

I’d like to explain what that means, (my  book) “the Final Knowledge” is records of what the Spiritual world tells us from 1991 to the beginning of the 21st century, and after this, those stored within (this site) “Godbrain” mainly represented by this Hikarimonjyo (Light  documents).  All the records show what the  Spiritual world has been preparing for are still remaining, they are the proof of God’s righteousness.

Here is a summary, once again, of what I was notified: “The Japanese system was put in place to end the age of the Bible.  First of all, there was Jesus’ death on the cross, and then Godhead, the presiding deity of the earth, began to prepare the Japanese islands as a collection point for the data of the Spiritual world of this world. Here’s  how the story of Jesus is inserted into Japanese mythology: there are descriptions of the  Empress Jingu, her son, Emperor Ojin, and the existence of Emperor Nintoku is known for “Tami no kamado”( Peoples’ cooking stove) . In the same role as the Virgin Mary there is Empress Jinko and in case of Jesus there is Emperor Okami.

Although,Jesus died on the cross, but Emperor Ojin had a son who would reign in humanity and virtue. In other words, the model of the promised Kingdom of God was created here in Japanese archipelago.

When this divinity of Emperor Okami descended to the land of Usa, what happened in the beginning was that he appeared as a powerful cursed god: if five men went, he killed three; if ten men went, he killed five. Over a long period of time, I was made to understand that the Godhead that came down to Usa was that of Jesus who died on the cross. The Usa Godhead became extremely important to the Japanese imperial family at a certain time.

The Usa Hachiman god also helped in the construction of the Great Buddha in Nara, and needless to say, it was the Usa god, through Waki Kiyomaro, that blocked Dogen’s path to the emperor. And this is important, somehow, Jesus on the cross, who became the god of Usa Hachiman, studied Buddhism. As a result, continent-derived Buddhism repositioned the gods of Japan. In the process, it made it possible to work in parallel to relocate the data of the Eurasian gods and deities in Japan. Some of the secrets of their functions exist until today as stories, such as something about King Solomon, who claims that the 88 wards of Shikoku created by Kukai were hidden in the mountain of Kenzan, or as the story of the Jewish temple’s secret protection. The whole thing becomes less of a mystery when you consider that the reason for those stories are to end the age of Bible.

This is the essence of the Japanese system. This preparation has made the current state of Jesus and his Holy Spirit or heavenly army fighting together with the righteous people of the United States and the world on the movement in this U.S. presidential election.

The Bible is the book that conveys the righteousness of God. That is why Jesus is called the one of righteousness.  Japanese civilization was formed in a history that was built around this righteousness.

The people of the world are about to see that God will fulfill His promises.
The data that proves how the preparations have been made by a single timeline has been placed in this special information space called Godbrain.

The spiritual world of earth is one place. And so is the human spirit world.

Unless they become one integrated place, the final judgment cannot happen. Here is the entire record of how it became a reality. Yet, it seems like an incomprehensible thing to most humans, but at the point when the Shin-Kai (God’s world) language became modern Japanese, this last one-hundredth-system  switch was flipped, and it is progressing rapidly.

It is a correct interpretation of the Bible that Trump is the trumpet that was foretold to sound when evil would reveal itself.

From this December the world will be a battleground between those who follow the devil and those who believe in the righteousness of God.



Seki Tetsuo


There’s a message (from the Spritual  world)  in conjunction with this document, so I released it here.

(The original text is written in Japanese, using hiragana. Below  is its transliteration in Rōmaji)

Ise yamatonaru kagirohino

Mutsuhino mikotowo aratamete 


Aratanimusubareshi mikotono 

Taenarankotowo kotohogi tamafu 


Wagamichino yukusuewo  



Harukanitōku kaminomichiwo shiki motome 


Yagatetatsu wagamikotowo shinjitamahite  

Kefunohiwo yorokobitamafu 


Tomoniyorokoberu monomonono arukotowo 

Kotoni kotoni ureshikarubeki 


Kewashikumo tōtoki waga michiwo 

Mamoraretamahishi kamino mikotoni 

Wareha aratanaru Hikarimonjyo 



Ureshikarubeki aratanarumikoto 



Amaterasu kotohi tatsuhini mikagirino

Kotoyotoshiritu tohashi konomiha 

Watarahino sue hirogarite 

Chigiriwo mamoritarukaya