The Providence of Sheep (Vol.9)


This year, the date of our defeat in the war is approaching. Strangely enough, on the night of August 10, 2006, I was led to a place called the Army Cemetery, where there are more than 50,000 remains, and I confirmed that the spirits are still there.

The spirits of the dead are still in the cemetery. The grave is always a tricky thing. This graveyard is a kind of barrier and that will be broken soon. That’s what I’ve been told. Every year as Obon* approaches, the human-derived spiritual energy in Japan is activated.

This is the situation in the Japanese ghost realm, where the spirits of the dead, who have nowhere else to go, continue their existence by relying only on their family members, who remember them, and by having the energy of their thoughts reach places such as graveyards and Buddhist altars. A living person’s view of life and death defines the spirit world. As a result, this is the case in Japan. I guess it means that naïve Japanese people continue to have a naïve religious view of the afterlife as well.

When a Christian cult that grew up in neighboring Korea enters this country, the Japanese are met with teachings that make them feel like sinful sheep. The Japanese followers seem to believe that they must atone for the criminal domination of the Korean peninsula by Japanese imperialism in the past. As a result, Japan has produced a large number of believers who should be called sheep. There are probably more victims of this mind control than any other cult in Japan. This can be said to be the result of Japan’s cultural weakness in not properly handling its defeat. Korea under the Yi Dynasty was a country of Confucianism and Buddhism, but with the collapse of the dynasty, Christianity spread. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the basis of the energy behind this was national sentiment.

Unfortunately, human religion is a culture defined by Eros and Thanatos. Those who are destined to die are allowed to talk about the providence of the one God who has nothing to do with death, but as storytellers, not as agents of God. Eros and Thanatos have been used by the gods to dominate humans. Now, humans are using that know-how. That’s my warning.

Realistic energy intervenes in humans’ control over the minds of other humans. To deal with it, we must fight, that is the message of the light.

People who are attracted to the Bible somehow also want to shed their blood like Jesus did. Why is it that people are not aware of the dangers of our self-punishing religious fanaticism, even though this is a good motivation for our souls, to empower the antichrist described in the Bible?

Anyone can quote and speak from the Bible. They can even use the words of Jesus, incorporating them into their own logic.
Why is it that people with brains that can distinguish between light words and dark words continue to be wrong?



August 11, 2006

Seki Tetsuo





Obon* is the Obon Festival, held in summer to honor one’s ancestors.