The new salt (Vol.270)


There is a growing possibility that something major is changing in the material world  that reflects the spiritual energy field of this planet. It may be linked to the fact that the disproof of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle has been announced to the human world by a researcher in this country.

In speaking of what is happening around me, the quality of consecrated salt, which I have believed to be stable until now, is undergoing a major change. This is still hypothetical at my level, but the changes indicate that the functions that the ordinary salt used for harai* and kiyome* has had so far will be rendered powerless from now on. Here, I would like to share with you briefly what I know. In the past few days, the spiritual energy that had been poured into Hades and the ocean through the salt of light has been flowing back to the this world side. According to the information in the spiritual world, this is almost becoming a realization of John’s Revelation.

In the past, common salt was used to eliminate negative energies in the spiritual realm only because the humans of this world knew empirically that salt had that function.

Although salt apparently has an affinity with the energy of human thoughts, which can be linked to the composition of the human body, this alone does not explain its cleansing power. There is an almost religious feeling that humans have had towards salt, which is reflected in the words of Jesus in the Bible.

However, a change has occurred in that salt. That change symbolizes the end of the age of human culture, which has believed that the material and spiritual worlds are completely separate, and the beginning of the age of humanity, which believes that there is an interaction between them.

The information that this February 2012 will be an important turning point for the spiritual world of the earth is probably combined with the fact that we will see a new level of integration between the spiritual part of human beings, who are in a sense spiritual beings, and their material bodies. It means that the human model after the Last Judgment will appear in this world in this country called Japan.

Unfortunately, the earth now seems to be operating in a demonic scenario where monotheistic religious conflicts are being guided by an evil human-originated program of the realization of the Armageddon battle in its preliminary stages rather than prayers for the Last Judgment.

But,that’s only based on the assumption that the material world as we know it will continue to exist. If the changes in the interaction of material and spiritual energies, such as those that have occurred in the environment around me, are global in scale, then the assumptions of the demonic scenario that is now in progress must be broken.

The scenario will come to an end when more and more humans realize that behind the religious teachings that man is not a god and cannot change anything and must leave his destiny to God, there is someone who knows that man is a Son of God and is afraid of man waking up. Man’s soul is properly imprinted with the correct information that he is a Son of God, who is much higher than the God who claims to have given religion to the world.

If you are the first people in history to be given the chance to read the story of your own souls, as people in Japan who are able to speak and think in Japanese, then you have a great responsibility. What should you do from now on to increase the number of people who realize that the otodama* and kotodama* of the Japanese language have the potential to change the world?

The ability that has been given to me to consecrate the new salt shows you the way to go.


January 20,2012

Seki Tetsuo



harai* is the general term for rituals of purification in Shinto.

kiyome* is basically a concept of ‘Purity’ within Shintoism.

otodama* literally means “sound spirit” is the energy contained in the sounds of the Japanese language.

kotodama* is spiritual power believed to contain within words in the Japanese language.