The Death of the Atheist Devil (Vol.752)


There is a piece of information from the spiritual world about the U.S. presidential election that has not been disclosed to the public until now. It was already communicated to a member of the Shinlogy Association prior to the November 3, 2020 presidential election, that the atheistic demon consciousness has taken control of the United States, which was originally held by the Devil. Due to this, it was finally confirmed that Trump would be defeated and Biden would win, that’s what the source information said.

Who is the Devil of atheism? It can be a synthesis of what I call the continuing malevolence of the human-derived consciousness beings who have been using the power of the Devil, who have been using the knowledge of the Devil, and who have been preparing for a long time to replace the Devil who was originally against God.

It can be said that this continuous malice has created the history of human beings until today. It has already effectively dominated the human organizations commonly referred to as religions, and at the same time, the world’s money system has been placed under the control of this consciousness beings, which have  been the real power behind what is known as conspiracy theory to those who have seriously considered the problems of this world. It was a real power that supported what is known as conspiracy theory. Many humans see Satanism behind this conspiracy theory, where it was a human-derived consciousness being that reigned over the human world as a god-like being.

It is now clear that the God of the Bible gave humans the theme of the Creator in order to separate His Light from His Darkness, and gave them the evil vector that the one who created everything can set everything in the world free.
This is the reason why I keep repeatedly conveying that God is just another form of consciousness in the process of spiritual evolution.

The history of monotheism, from the death of Jesus on the cross to the present day, is God’s own way of discovering the true nature of the dark energy of ongoing malice that has nested in the human world.
Ordinary humans will probably not be able to understand my explanation. But that is the will of the beings who have entrusted the stage of this earth to the monotheistic gods for a while, and that study will soon be over.

The energy of the monotheistic gods has already been distributed as the souls of many of the earth’s human beings, and the demons have survived by using the Light that was in the distributed Wakemitama*.

These were Devils that belonged to God, but the data of the Devils’ rituals and altars to achieve his purposes, which were created by some devil worshippers in the human world to utilize his power, were disclosed to the knowledge of the Light Side on April 4th of this year 2021. Although it  happened in the realm of the spirit world, as a result, the Satanic rituals practiced by people living on earth today will no longer be as effective as they once were.

And the Devils of human origin who have continued to live, assuming that they have obtained something like eternal life from the knowledge of the devil, will die just like humans.
In the spiritual realm of the earth, the main reason why the Last Judgment has not occurred until today is because of the existence of this consciousness being that has been transferred from human to human and has lived on, so the age of the Bible and monotheism will come to an end in 2021 when this separation and capture is completed.

The starting point of Western civilization’s ideology of colonization of the world and the exclusive possession of all things by a few in the name of God was the monotheistic claim that the universe was created by a single creator.  But atheism, which denies the existence of God, was also born from the same spiritual culture.

The atheism has created a civilized sphere of human values on this earth where all actions are permissible for the sake of the goal, such as in Communist China.  To that value system, the nation of God-loving Americans has also descended, in 2020.

Eventually, humans will know that it is the divinity invoked by the divine system hidden in the Japanese archipelago that is trying to bring that America back to the side of God.




April 8, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo





The data of gods that have their seats  in the heaven, transferred to human souls are called wakemitama.