The day the Showa Constitution is judged (Vol.614)


The misfortunes of today’s Japan were caused by the Meiji Restoration, as the spiritual world has been repeatedly informed, and the day the crimes of those who created the Meiji era were judged was August 15, 1945. The judgment extended not only to the dead, but also to the descendants of the many human groups who had gained privileges there.

And then, they ignored the Hague Land War Treaty, and GHQ imposed the Showa Constitution. In addition, by having a constitutional scholar, a scholar, that does not exist in any  other countries, work as an authority in the Law Department of the University of Tokyo, they consistently established a system of brainwashing through education that law and Japanese tradition are two different things.

Many of our nation’s lawyers earn their living by relying on a new concept of constitutional law based on the communist logic that the defeat of the war was a revolution. In their minds, there are only two emperors, the first one being Emperor Showa and the second Emperor, who will eventually be called Emperor Heisei.

In other words, the country of Japan in their heads was founded only about 70 years ago. It could be said that Japan, with Emperor Showa, is a very unique nation that has been cut off from the continuity of its history.  As a result of this education, the position of a subordinate nation has been established in which most Japanese people accept the cultural superiority of the United States, a country that has been around for only a couple of hundred years. And those who benefit from this position are forming the group of rulers in Japan.

Those who do not question why the Japanese gods allowed such a thing to happen are the ones who have had the spirits of the gods sealed away by postwar education.

After the defeat of Japan in 1945, many Japanese felt that the Japanese gods they had believed in had been overthrown by the Christian divinity, the American god of the time. As a result, everyone’s state  of mind was so serious that there is this information left that even the Emperor Showa was considering converting to Christianity. However, it was not Christianity, but the son of that civilization, materialistic Marxism, that rapidly gained power here. In other words, a significant portion of the Japanese population has been converted to atheists. This was facilitated by the GHQ’s campaign that pre-war Japan was evil and what they called post-war education based on the Showa Constitution.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for many Japanese to forget that they were the wakemitama of the Japanese gods and become devotees of the materialistic American culture.

In this way, the postwar generation grew up  is now facing death. Many of them are sort of atheists as a result of their defeat in the war, and they are leaving for the afterlife with the greed of the living. This is the beginning of an era in which the promised hell will rise to the top of our consciousness.

As I mentioned before, in Shinlogy, both the Christian God and the Japanese gods are under the same parent deity. In addition, the existence of human beings are necessary to go beyond the themes for those gods and goddesses. According to knowledge of this Shinlogy, the Final Judgment, which has been transmitted to the earth as the knowledge of gods and goddesses, has finally begun here in the Japanese archipelago.

To summarize, the “God-breathed” United States of America was used to strike down the country called the Empire of Japan, which had opened the door to a false history with the Meiji Restoration, and showed that the way to revival was to realize its historical theme by changing the ungodly Constitution of the Empire of Japan into something worse, the Showa Constitution, which, by all accounts, was not the basic law of the nation.

The God-breathed America has already died with the symbolic events of September 11, 2001. Now, President Trump’s America is clearly moving back to the good old American way, and Japan is being liberated from its subservient position.

I have been telling you that these are all heavenly dispensations, and with this, the story of the 150 years of Meiji era, when the U.S. opened Japan to the world, won the war, and ruled the country, is coming to an end. If you look at it from the perspective of the trials of the soul, after accepting the Christian devil into the Japanese archipelago and even giving the devil dominion over it, the timing for the Last Judgment has finally come. This August 2018, I can feel that the day has come when the 2,000 years of promises and human prayers will be fulfilled, and the righteous people who endured to the end will be glad.


August 26, 2018

Seki Tetsuo