The Dark Side of Jealous One (Vol.641)


In this 21st century, it is becoming possible to approach from the side of human knowledge the information from the spiritual world that humanity has been inscribing a consistent theme in its history since the death of Jesus on the cross. If you don’t understand this part, you can’t understand the will of the spiritual world, which I am telling you about.  However, it is about the values of the Jewish people.

I have repeatedly conveyed that the FRB of the United States is just a purely private bank and that the dollar does not belong to the US government.
Also, the starting point for colonialism and capitalism in the modern era was the East India Company, a joint stock company. Besides, many of the alleged slave traders were Jewish converts. The same group also had interests in the notorious opium trade. At the beginning, it was the Jewish Jews who were the only ones allowed to charge interest rates in the civilized world of Christianity and Islam, which prohibited it. The reason why the Japanese civilization is the only one in the world, so far for now, that has the power to resist the system of world domination by money brought about by this history of monotheism is because God and gods have been preparing the Japanese system to solve this problem for over a thousand and several hundred years.

The reason why I say that Japan has become a country dedicated to the devil is because Marxism is the ideology that has been driving the modern world since it was born among the same Jewish people, and many of the so-called intellectuals in Japan believed it to be progressive and scientific, and the result is what we see today.

As is well known, Karl Marx’s family were Jewish rabbis, and even if he had converted, he would have inherited their values. His ideology is not scientific, but rather one that justifies the domination of the world by those who jealous.

As a result, the international communist movement aimed for a violent revolution. And in the countries and regions where the Communist Party came to power, massacres were repeated in a different dimension from the previous ruling system.  The reason for this is simple: they, the communists, were the embodiment of “a dead is the end” civilization. History has clearly shown that atheists and materialists have no hesitation in killing opponents and resisters for their cause.
This is the world today.

The world’s money is controlled by the Jewish network of international financial capitalists, and it is better to think that this world is already outside the influence of religion or monotheism. To put it more clearly, if you keep your mind on the world of religion, you will never see the truth of this world.

The only reason I am declaring that the age of religion is over as the consensus of the Japanese spiritual world is because if we stay there, we will lose again.  As I write this, more readers will understand what I mean when I say that the Japanese archipelago is the main battleground for the Last Judgment  that is currently underway.  The world of monotheism has already finished its role.

Unfortunately, the faith of good people cannot understand or overcome the control systems of malevolent groups. What is happening in reality is a series of conspiracies that use religious beliefs to fuel conflicts and create uprisings that will lead to the goals of some.
That is what the dark side of jealous one is all about.

Unless we overcome this “I am jealous” one, who calls himself the God of the Old Testament, there is no future for the current human race.
The knowledge to conquer it has already been given to humans, but many Japanese are not even aware of it.

The reason for this is that their education has been entrusted to a system that inputs the Dark Side of envy, materialism, into their minds, and in addition to this, the mass media works daily to manipulate various information and reinforce brainwashing. If they die in this way, the souls of many Japanese people will have nowhere to go.




February 21, 2019

Seki Tetsuo