Tao and Spirituals (Vol.765)

In July of 2021, a certain change occurred in the spiritual hado of the Earth today, and I would like to report on it. I won’t go into details, but the data system of the consciousness energy of the human ancestor called Lao Tzu, who is behind the energy field of Shen Xian Dao that has been involved in the history of China, and the history of Taoism, which is well known, although it has a religious coloration, has finished its role under a certain will. This will probably open up a different realm of knowledge about qigong and other Hado and energies originating from mainland China, and how they work.

Why can I say that its role has ended? I know that there was a movement to create a new order or rule in the spiritual world by controlling the human consciousness energy in the spiritual energy field in mainland China, which was ruled by the five-fingered dragon, the Heavenly Emperor, with Lao Tzu as the ancestor, but unfortunately, it became clear that it could not resist the ruling system of the atheistic Chinese Communist Party.
It is already becoming common knowledge around the world that the Communist Party of China in the mainland and the Nationalist Party of Taiwan, which used to be enemies, have shared their interests under the surface.  However, the cause of this was the sharing of the spiritual energy field of the continent. This should cause some hado or energy in the Chinese cultural sphere to change, which will then spread to the human world.

Secondly, it has become clear that spirituality, or what is called spiritualism, has its own specific hado or layers of human conscious energy. There are many people all over the world who are in contact with this layer of energy, and some of them are channeling and disclosing information, but the fact is that the unconscious realm of many people is experiencing a kind of sensory or resonance response.   Historically speaking, it has its roots in the spiritualism that boomed in the British Empire from the 19th century, but it was the hippie culture of the 1970s in North America that created a new trend in American spiritual culture. From there, in the 21st century, a hierarchy of hado was created by spreading a kind of communal illusion in the human world, with words such as “ascension” and cosmic messages, as if the human spirit would move directly into the process of evolution. In other words, the Tao in mainland China and the spiritual culture created by Western modernity are both derived from the same human consciousness. If we stay here, human society will continue to repeat the same themes, in the same time and space, as it is now.

So, the limitation of our past spiritual culture is the same as that of the God or gods, who did not know “that day and hour”.  We were about to be trapped in an energy flow that did not know the correspondence between the purpose of our existence in this material universe and our spiritual or conscious activities.

On the surface, the verbal data in that energy realm is pleasant to humans.  But if the theme of Jesus’ death on the cross remains unresolved, and even if there is a dimensional ascension of the soul as the energy layer tells us, it is unlikely that any of our problems will be solved. That’ s been my question for a long time, and now the answer has been given through this.

To summarize what I was informed, since humans are the Son of God, they were given the potential to create something like God, so when many humans become aware of that realm, an energy field will be created there.

In order for humans to be truly liberated, they must have the knowledge to end the story of being a Son of God and create a mind that projects the rules of the new spiritual universe as a vessel for a new level of soul that is not burdened with the soul for that story.
The new era that begins this July can be described as a movement that includes a reckoning with the hado and energies of human spiritual culture.




July 8, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo