Stolen from Heaven

As Jesus said in the Bible, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Who are these people who are violently attacking heaven?
Isn’t heaven the kingdom of God in the first place? Why would someone who violently attacks the Kingdom of God be able to invade it and take something from it? The human knowledge has no idea. People can’t even understand why God allows it to happen and leaves it alone.

The answer on the part of the divine knowledge is described in the “Final Knowledge” that God is a mixture of Light and Darkness, and that demons can enter and continue to dwell in the Light of the ancient God.  However, at one point in time, I ( Seki Tetsuo ) was continuously robbed by the dark ones of the human world on earth.  It would have been unbearable without the voice of heaven telling me to help them and the divine revelation telling me to fall into poverty.

More than that, it seemed like a barren act just to keep the demon beings alive, but by making me penniless, I was able to break ties with them.

What was taken from me was not only money, but time, and more importantly, the authority of something I considered to be God. Still, I was made to do it with a smile, “Fall into poverty”.

It was July of 2005.
The Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God, has been taken away, just like me, and erased once the attackers have left, as if God is no longer worth it. Then, I was informed that the ”Book of Life” that had been promised from the beginning was in the realm of Light, where the Dark Energy could never penetrate.

What I was afraid of was that by continuing that barren act, the authority of the divine being as I knew it would be shaken in the human world. That’s fine for me, but it’s going to be a huge burden for those who follow me. I was supposed to be working in the world to keep the next ones from being put through the same ordeal as Jesus.

Now, at this point, I understand that the whole program, including the fear, is summed up in the word “the Final 0.1%”.

Render unto God the things that are God’s.

Things stolen from heaven must be returned to their rightful owners. This shows us God’s plan including why He left them to be taken.



November 25, 2005

Seki Tetsuo