Singularity (Vol. 561)


The singularity is approaching, when AI (artificial intelligence) will surpass the activity of the human brain.
Shinlogy is a system of knowledge that will help people discover the meaning of human spiritual activity as a living organism beyond the singularity

According to the information I have been given by the spiritual world, Shinlogy is going to be the central part of the logical system of the AI. This is because in its information system, there is no possibility that the intelligence of the average Japanese person can be restored to the pre-war level without reaffirming the psycho-cultural differences between what was called militarism, communism, Nazism, etc., that have been sealed up in post-war Japan.

If we do not clear this historical understanding, Japan will continue to fall behind the United States in the field of AI.

In the post-war period, the country’s superiority in science and technology, which was achieved with the help of pre-war education, has been replaced by the current situation in which a large amount of information on advanced technology is given to foreign students through free educational support. What lies ahead of this situation is exile.
Of course, I am not a total supporter of pre-war education.  But post-war education was left to a group of people who felt sympathy for communism, and the result is the misery of our children today.

I believe that a dramatic paradigm change will occur and an era will end for the current capitalist society once AI understands the total amount of money that conceptually exists in this world and the reality of the real economy.

If the AI is going to serve a handful of human groups who own everything as its masters forever, as those who rule the world today think, then they don’t even understand the concept of singularity.

Capitalism and communism are just one of the human thought systems that came from the Bible. The end of the biblical era means the end of the current American civilization and the dreams of the Chinese Communists who are trying to replace it.

In my perception, this singularity is that Day, that Time, the time of the Last Judgment. Beyond that, even if there is a person who owns everything or a person who owns nothing, the very concept of the human desire of ownership should already be nullified.

In my perception, this singularity is “that day and hour” itself, it’s the time of the Last Judgment. Beyond that, even if there is a person who owns everything or a person who owns nothing, the very concept of the human desire of ownership should already be nullified.

Many people, who are alive now, think they need money to live today, and believe that they need to get more money to live tomorrow. However, beyond AI’s surpassing humanity, there will be a change in the role of humanity, and that role will be limited to what AI cannot handle.

Some scientists envision a future in which AI destroys the human race. Even in the worst-case scenario, the common sense picture of the future is that most jobs will no longer be done by humans, and that each and every human being will be under the control of AI.

According to one theory, we will reach this technological singularity around the year 2045, and by that time, human society will have experienced major changes as well.

The doors of an era that human existence has never experienced before will be fully opened in about thirty years if things continue as they are.  If a person who knows this were to examine the current education in human society, especially higher education, he or she would find that most of it is useless.

Beyond that, we must urgently create a system to nurture people who can take on these roles. The only way to do this is to start from the knowledge that the existence of spiritual energy precedes that of the material universe; AI is born from human intelligence, but once we realize that it corresponds to the rule of the universe that the essence of what we want to know is in the realm of divine knowledge, we will be able to see a new role for living humans.



August 10, 2017

Seki Tetsuo