Shin Electromagnetism (Vol.694)

I would like to report on a discovery was made at the Tokyo Seminar in February of 2020, and a series of events following that,there seems to be still unknown territory between  the ongoing global change  and the knowledge of electromagnetic waves that support the basis of the world.

An event that led to this discovery was a mysterious incident. Which is the sound quality of the audio equipment on display in Seki gallery, Tokyo, changed by receiving the influence of human energy.

 The piece named Oliva, in which each part was consecrated and the completed device as well. Initially, it produced sounds in different dimensions compared to some other conventional devices. But it gradually caused deterioration of the sound  quality. It was considered unusual reaction, so the creator struggled to deal with  that.
By the next time I visited Tokyo, the creator had an idea in his head that was difficult to come up even with existing knowledge of electromagnetism.
 Human’s energy, or rather, the spiritual energy that forms the Spiritual world is closer to what we call electromagnetic waves, and that’s my perception. It may be correct that it was never discovered because it is not envisaged by today’s science.
 However, there’s a starting point that icon stickers were brought down to the earth, there are two kinds of stickers, light one and dark one, both have some effect on electronic components such as transistors. To prove the phenomenon  the Audio equipment was produced, and that’s what its  starting point.
The world of technology is supposed to be created by atheism. So, why the audio equipment, that is a collection of consecrated electronic components, was modulated by the Spiritual world’s energetic effects.
At dawn of time, there were some words that came down to me, for my theme of thinking.  It  was “to teach “.
The purpose was to teach something  its author, who  works in a whole new genre of professional field as an acoustic art creator.
In the past,  there were this kind of information disclosure from the spiritual world. It has characteristic that any problems dose not occur if its information or data is somehow known to  the public, in most cases.
That afternoon, after receiving an explanation of the idea in the author’s head, I was reasonably satisfied with the explanation and told him that, perhaps, the audio sound should have returned to its original state, so I tried to verify it.
What I found when I played the sound was that the audio equipment, which is supposed to be a collection of inorganic materials, was about to emit a kind of signal that could only be transmitted to those who could sense it.
To put it into words, at my understanding level, the being who brought about the modulation of audio is apparently belonging to the God’s world and is trying to bring down the waves of the Spiritual world as a kind of technology, and as the knowledge the waves can be transmitted to the human‘s ear, such as sounds, that is to say.
If you have icon stickers given to the Shinlogy Association and you can reproduce this phenomenon in the realm of electromagnetism, it will inevitably have a great impact on current physics, or rather on the human intellect that is in the core elements of science and technology.
If this becomes a reality, there will be the end of the religious era that I have informed repeatedly.
Although this is as a possibility, next generation of humans will also have access to the spiritual realm from the scientific realm.
What I recall here is the genius that is Nikola Tesla.
It is said that what Nikola Tesla had attained was the knowledge of free energy that would almost neutralize the human desires of this world.
Once I asked about that free energy during contact with the spiritual world, that was if humans would get it, when it would be available to them.
The response was simple and, as always, “eventually”.
My impression is that when the ongoing issue of the Last Judgment is resolved, the theme of human’s existence will change and they will no longer be governed by money.
In the process, humans seem to acquire as energy for the evolution of this planet, its life system and the time flow behind the spiritual system.
On the theme of the expansion of human knowledge as I have been notified, the era of technology which is advantageous to atheists, easy to steal and use by anyone like technology, that should be over also.
Therefore, that is the evidence that I  have informed both current Communist China and the US, which has expanded money logic to the world, are coming to the end.