Schizophrenia and Evil Spirits (Vol.517)


It seems that from this October 2016, the spiritual vibrations of the whole Planet Earth will change, and phenomena that were previously outside of human knowledge will now become recognized. One of them is the understanding that demons and evil spirits, which have been considered to be issues in the realm of religion, are involved in mental illnesses such as schizophrenia in the human world.

If you understand the existence of demons and evil spirits, it is obvious that medication will not bring about any improvement, but it can be effective for physical sedation. As a result, not only the person, but also his or her family and society as a whole bear a heavy burden. However, it has also become clear that people who have learned Shinlogy correctly can deal with the malignant energy of others within themselves. The information I had been given beforehand was that the Japanese DNA and the Japanese language brain had been prepared on the Japanese archipelago to develop this ability.

In the past history of the Shinlogy Association, it has been confirmed that this processing capacity is activated in members other than myself. This also proves the correctness of the rules of the spiritual world, which I have been repeatedly informing people about, that each human being is the savior of their own microcosm. This should also convince everyone that the era of monotheism, which has sought saviors from outside, is over as a logical consequence.

The starting point of the book “The Final Knowledge” was that every human being has a divided soul of a god or gods, and therefore everyone can be a Buddha, a Jesus, or a Muhammad.   It is my understanding that at this present time, the control of the Japanese archipelago itself is effectively in the hands of what could be called a satanic ideology of Western origin. In other words, there is really only the last fraction of a thousandth percent of possibility left.

Once you realize that the bodies of the common Japanese people are possessed by demons and evil spirits whose energy source is the fear of human beings originating from the West or America, you will see the reality of this extraordinary society where parents kill their children is the state of the End Times.

The expertise to eliminate these demons and evil spirits was not formed within the Christian civilization. But, within the Japanese civilization, it was prepared over a period of more than two thousand years.

Jomon pottery is the oldest pottery in the world. The DNA of the Jomon people is inherited by the Japanese people who currently reside in the Japanese archipelago. Also, there is the fact that the emperor’s family has carved out its history as a symbol thereof.  Even human knowledge should be in awe of this fact.  In a mythological sense, it is a miracle that humans, the descendants of Amaterasu, whose being is Light, have continued to work faithfully for the purpose of creating the Shirasu-Kuni for 125 generations. This passage of time cannot be rewritten. I know that the system of Japan is such that all the preparations have been made as a heavenly dispensation, but that system has not yet been activated.

It is being triggered, but it is not, yet, working.

The coming period of global change will be accompanied not only by the decline of the United States and the collapse of the money system, but also by climate change on a global scale.  However, I have been informed that Japan exists to ensure the survival of human civilization in that era.

The consciousness of the general Japanese public has already begun to diverge from the consciousness of the perpetrators created by post-war education and mass media claims, and this will become definitive with the death and exit of the baby boom generation.

The death of atheism, or the death of atheists, will be followed by the repeated movement of demons and evil spirits, which are actually the source of schizophrenia, in search of another human being.

The soul of a believer in a “civilization where death is the end” will be shut up in darkness, but that soul is also likely to become the evil spirit of this world in this age without the afterlife. This is one result of humanity’s quest for a godless civilization, but it will be the next living generation that will be made to pay for it. As I described in the last issue of the Light Document, the devil is also changing. The Day is coming when truly awakened human beings will see that the battlefield is in their daily lives.





October 13, 2016

Seki Tetsuo



Shirasu-Kuni* (The land of Shirasu)

Shirasu means to inform. In Shirasu-Kuni, all people disclose information and rule the country together. No one person decides what to do, and there are no rulers or ruled.