The symbolic murder in which the devil of Western civilization origin took up residence in this country, or in the minds of ordinary Japanese people, was the serial child murder case that occurred in Kobe in 1997.
As I have mentioned, Japanese people have very little know-how on how to purify themselves from the evil demonic thoughts that haunt them.

Today’s demon consciousness, born of Western civilization’s 2,000-year pursuit of evil since Christ’s death on the cross, has already surpassed the existence of the Christian God and has become the master of human desires.

In Christianity, the expertise of Catholics, who have inherited the techniques of exorcism, is hardly applicable to today’s contemporary demon consciousness, and the reality is that the psychology created by modern humans is being used against them.

Of course, even in the Shintoism that has been handed down to this country since ancient times, there is no knowledge to counter the demons of today.

Buddhism was originally created before monotheism was born, and it was not designed to deal with demons of monotheistic origin.

The Buddhist demons in this country’s folklore are essentially different from the demons of monotheistic religions that were introduced after the Meiji Restoration.

I was the only person in the history of mankind who was given the knowledge to overcome this demonic consciousness that originated from monotheism, and I wrote a book called “Final Knowledge” in Japanese.

The theme of the book, as I understand it, is to convey the knowledge and practice that only Japan was preordained to overcome this demon of monotheism. The defeat of Japan in 1945 was, quite frankly, a contract that offered this country to the demonic consciousness.

The U.S. occupation ended in 1952, but the current constitution was established in 1947. The official name of the country during the occupation was not Japan, but Occupied Japan. Who gave us the Constitution of the occupied Japan? Furthermore, why is it that no one has noticed that the Japanese people, who are supposed to be the sovereign people of Japan, have never voted to approve this constitution?

In the 70 years since the end of World War II, someone or something has created an atmosphere that prevents us from thinking about these things.

What I know is that the pathway for the demonic consciousness to invade human beings can be summed up in one word: desire, and the most powerful of these is sexual desire.

In particular, many of those who are interested in abnormal sexuality during their childhood, when sexual interest increases, end up on the path of devil worship.
This is a characteristic of the current civilization.

Unfortunately, the religions of the past have not been able to solve this problem.
In monotheistic civilizations, violence, murder and blood rituals, and human sexuality are in a sense one and the same.

The only reason why Satanists want to drag the whole world into the disaster of war is because without the supply of negative energy brought about by the death of the human being, the Satanic consciousness will lose its place of existence.
In that sense, Christian fundamentalists and Muslim fundamentalists are both being used by them.

Will the demonic consciousness succeed and rule the world in the country of Japan?
Or will it be symbolically defeated and sent to the place where it must go after the Last Judgment?

I have been informed that a kind of power is beginning to reshape the Japanese archipelago into the land where these things are supposed to happen. Through this communication from the earth, the subconscious of the Japanese people will change, and the demonic will lose its home.

Regarding the Sakakibara case, I would add that if you read that book, you should also read “Who Killed Nagayama Norio?” by Sakamoto Toshio.

You can see the satanic contamination of consciousness going on throughout this country.




June 19, 2015

Seki Tetsuo