Post Conspiracy Theory (Vol.706)

光文書 Vol.706の英訳を ここ にあげます。


Hikari Monjyo (literally means Light Documents)
Vol. 706
I was informed that Lucifer had left Earth sometime in May, 2020.
The reason why Lucifer was like a god to Satanists was because he was an opponent of the monotheistic God, or God in the Christian sense. The fact that Lucifer has left the earth means that what the followers of Satanism have worshipped has abandoned them.
In Christian nations, Lucifer has been worshiped as a god by his admirers called Satanists. The reason why Lucifer is a god-like to Satanism believers because he disputed to any monotheistic gods or God” for Christians. However, Lucifer’s leaving Earth means he abandoned his followers An information has been around for a very long time that in Western civilization that rules the world of today, there is a specific  group of people  who forecast devices and they have been labeling someone as conspiracist if he or she tries to exposure the information, they’ll suppress his or her speech and they keep doing this repeatedly. One example is the collapse of the New York World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. If you have ordinary sense and intellect as human, you’ll notice there’s no way a steel-construction-building tumbled like that, but media made people believe that  an aircraft’s collision was the only factor  of the phenomenon on the world-wide level, this is media’s controlling power.
The human group are plotting to reduce the world’s overgrown population to a scale suitable for their own survival, for this long-term project that attract people’s attention again with the Wuhan virus pandemic.
There’s a saying, when China catches a cold, the rest of the world goes towards World War III, this’s already shown to public as part of the conspiracy theory program.
Currently, a world-destroying story that triggered with Wuhan virus  is in progress. Behind this story,there seem to be a conflict within human groups that shares the same information, interpret like this, is the most sober perspective way of thinking.
For the Western, explicitly Caucasian, Satanists, it was a conspiracy of their own. For the atheist Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, it was a preemptive strike against an attack that targeted them.

According to information from  the Spiritual world,  any presence from there are not involved with neither of those human group, as a proof  Lucifer had gone at this timing. A presence which made Hitter a clairvoyant was behind Nazi Germany. But it won’t happen this time.

A group of people I call Satanism believers, they have been setting up man-made incident as Bible says, then after they always perform a false the-second-Coming-of-Christ and devote this world to Satan they admire. This’s  what they are doing.
I’d like to covey something here that was transmitted information to the human world.

Two thousands years of history from the crucifixion of Jesus tells us that the presence when called it as “my God” on the cross was a being of mixture of light and darkness. To split its light and darkness, it once existed in civilizations of monotheisms and in humans live on the earth today. It needed the billions of people in  modern-day. That is what I have been passing on to you,  E=MC2 is the law of this universe.

The energy, Jesus called “God”, became to be materialized in this material world, it revealed its true self in the flow of time called history , and that’s understandable.

Then Lucifer who left this planet conveyed to humans that the presence called God is not omniscience and omnipotence. He (Lucifer) confirmed that it was humans who had created the lord of darkness by their own abilities, so he left. This is the story that I was told.

I say this repeatedly that this world is Demon realm. It was as a world for  one human group who learned how to use evil power could establish their right of control. However, it is until Last Judgement. The Last Judgement  is about to happen from now on.

Have a think like this, there is a will from Providence that is willing to take advantage of a man-made Doomsday Phenomenon.

it’s not only the world of Monotheism will be judged, but also the world of story of a dragon used to be Shangdi (deity) transformed from mainland China will be judged at the same time, as Deguchi Wanisaburo reported on his storybook called Reikai Monogatari.

Japan today is full of people that obey the order of the monotheism or  follow atheists of Chinese communism  because these people are preparaed beforehand for the judgement.

The time is approaching when people will know that human’s  conspiracy has been controlled by God’s scheme.