Once again, Never steal, never kill, never bear false witness (Vol.763)


In the spiritual world the rules that I have been handed down are the three precepts, so to speak: Do not murder, and . I would like to report that I have reached a point where I can assume that the reason why it is handed down, and the reason why the desire to own and control everything in this human world has not disappeared, is probably the same reason why this material universe was created.

One of the themes of “The Final Knowledge” is that neither God nor the gods know “the day and hour.”  The reason for this is that the divine Conscious Beings that existed on earth were characters in stories, but not the authors of the stories.

And I knew that there was no author of the story inside this material universe. Furthermore, we knew that if the current civilization on earth continued to progress, the problem of God and human existence would disappear without being solved by atheistic science and the technology that arose from it.

To me, the chaos of the infinitely increasing violence of the money that killed Jesus before that, and the collapse of its control, seems to be a more serious problem for human society.  But either way, the world is headed for destruction by its own growing dark forces.

If we all perish this way, the same variation of the story would begin again, but we are already on the road to Judgment.

When the knowledge of this material universe discovers the theme of Judgment and makes it a reality, the age of this story universe will end. The knowledge that is given to the Shinlogy  Association is necessary to end this story universe.

With this knowledge as a starting point, the aspiration for the Last Judgment is the only way to escape from the circular circle of this story universe.

If you examine how the current system of world domination was perfected from the ” Never steal, never kill, never bear false witness” that this spiritual world conveys, the current system of money domination, like the money changers of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time, obtains the right to issue money by stealing some authority that does not belong to them. Furthermore, the repression of the human mind through fear of death and violence continues through the development of weapons and continued wars in order to keep the world economy under their rule. Also, through the use of mass media, they have enclosed the consciousness of many human beings in a false history.
And those evil intentions are carried out on the part of human beings through contracts with demonic entities of consciousness.By shedding light on the darkness of human history, it becomes clear that the civilization that exists today is drifting further and further away from the ideal society that human beings have always dreamed of, and this raises a new question for each and every human being.

” What are you living for?”

In this story universe that I am being told, at least, the Japanese are now being born as human beings for the last time.

The stage of the battle between God and gods, God and Devil, and Devil and human is this story universe, but that is not the way this material universe should be, that is the information I convey in the spiritual world.

The material universe is the stage for the story, but the vector of awakening given at the time of the opening of this material universe will never disappear.
That vector, or direction, can be said to be the program of the awakened ones reaching the Last Judgment and then the knowledge of the covenant before the Creation.  This kind of knowledge brings the same results whether it is explored inside humans or outside in the universe, and this brings us into the realm of human knowledge, which is the microcosm of humans and the macrocosm of the universe.  This is the beginning of an era of new science and new humankind.




June 24, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo