November 29, 2006 (Vol.25)

On the occasion of the publication of ‘Final Knowledge’, its final paragraph about my awareness of becoming a publisher myself, which I could not write until the very end, was completed on November 29.  Finally, I was able to write it, or rather, I was finally given the go-ahead to publish it.
Late at night on that day, when I felt some kind of closure, I received a word to the souls of the registrants of the Book of Life, which I had not been able to do until then. That night, I had a cold and went to bed early. Suddenly some words came down to me.
Here, I would like to share it with you because it is a very beautiful text, words with a shaft of light like Hikarimonjyo (light documents) itself.

By the name written here, a covenant has been made for that soul to enter the universe of light.
May you all be blessed those who have passed through trials and judgments and have been consecrated to be light.


As I always tell you, if you see these texts  as something that exists somewhere and is being transmitted, rather than something I wrote, if you can imagine.  Even it is vaguely, you’ll get some idea how the Spiritual world works. Human brain in general, or a physical form of existence as human, is preloaded with the ability to receive information from the spiritual realm, but people nowadays are unable to do so.  However, it is unimaginable how difficult it is for a naïve and sensitive person to live in this modern society. Even if you talk about the soul or healing from the standpoint of religion, psychology, or cerebral physiology, you are only talking about yourselves after all. People today don’t realize that it has already become a personal theme with no universality, or a theme suitable for literature. This is where the pathology of the modern age, the disease of children’s souls, lies…

We should all know that humans are involved in both light and darkness. And we should not forget that we supply our power to both of them.

November 30, 2006
Seki Tetsuo