New War (Vol.733)

Few people have yet to realize that the presidential election in 2020 marks the beginning of the final war between light and darkness on this earth or in the world.

However, by the time leading up to this point, I have also  mentioned that  the spirit of Jesus Christ, that lived in hiding in Japan for a long time, has returned to heaven to fulfill the promise. Furthermore, I’ve received reports that after the middle of November, the Holy Spirits, who form part of the Trinity called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, have also been awakened and are beginning to work in Japan.

 Jesus and the Holy Spirit are now on the North American continent.
In mythological terms, the events of September 11, 2001 and the one that began on November 3, 2020 are the surface layer of this huge conspiracy flow, which is the true nature of the battle between light and darkness.
 At the moment, many humans are aware that it is some human group of money grabbers who control most of the world, but they do not know the substance or true  identity of this group.
 There is a group of humans in the United States called the Deep State, and they are effectively part of a group of humans called globalists. The truth behind the modern and contemporary history is that they have not only held the wealth of this world, but they have even held political control.
 Please, consider the events of September 11, 2001, as an alternative to the declaration that that group of people completed their rule of what is known as “God-breathed the America.”
Later on, that human group would join forces with the Chinese Communist Party to further increase the gap between the world’s rich and poor to the utmost limit with huge profits for themselves.
With the Lehman Brothers collapse of 2008, the numeric money that was in the world was supposed to disappear, but since they had already stolen the nation, the system itself survived with an even larger supply of numeric money.
It is unknown when Trump realized this system was being stolen by someone, but he found out that the nation of US was being stolen by someone, so he stood for the presidential election, and he won. The first Trump administration was born.
 Shortly after, new administration was established , a group of people known as the Deep State in the US schemed the impeachment of President Trump for allegedly being with Russia, but it is coming out that it was former President Obama who was behind it.
 In eight years of Clinton and another eight years of Obama, the United States of America has truly been stolen by someone.
 Whoever stole it, ostensibly, it looks as if it were the Chinese Communist Party, but it is not from the spiritual world’s point of view.
According to the data from the Spritual world, it is the Devil, which Christians would call, stole the US.
Here, I would like to talk about the icon stickers that were given to me on the premise that the age of 5G is coming.
My understanding of why icon stickers were given by the heavens to the Shinlogy Association at this time is that they are for the protection of those who will fight as warriors on the side of light when the battle between light and darkness is in full swing.
This battle is not just for the human world. It became clear that the chief executives of Facebook and Twitter, the big names that already hold the world’s cyber space. During the American presidential election, they are working on the side of the anti-Trump.
Therefore, cyber space is currently under the power of darkness.
Beyond the problem of cyberspace lies this human world, the place of the whole spiritual energy.
In the past, the wars known to humans were human against human on earth.
In the new wars that are starting right now, probably its main battlefield will not be humans fighting each other on earth, but cyber space and the field of spiritual energy above it will be the stage of the final war described in the Bible.
Nothing happened in the millennium when the apocalypse was supposed to come according to Christian history, but that promise is underway in this second millennium. If you know what it means to be alive in these times, you will see that the purpose of life is to live on the side of justice, even though it’s painful.