New space-time


According to the schedule of the spiritual world, this year will be the second year of Miroku or Mikuni.  This is not a mere delimitation of names, but seems to mean that parallel universes have emerged: the space-time in which this story proceeds, and the space-time in which nothing changes.   What made me realize this was the fact that there is a change going on all over Japan, where the light of the gods is dwelling in the shrines of the old Japanese gods that have a role to play in this ongoing story, while the shrines that have finished their role or have had their original presiding deity replaced are beginning to clearly convey to ordinary people that they are empty.

People usually think that parallel universes, which have separated into two paths, will never intersect again, but there are explanations from the spiritual world that light may eventually return to the now empty shrines, and the future is not fixed.

This also indicates that the revelation or intuition from which I started, that there will be a world created by a new type of humanity that combines divine and human knowledge, has become a reality.

From the standpoint of Shinlogy, when I think about the current era, what led to the appearance of President Trump this year was actually the reappointment of Prime Minister Abe of Japan.  Also, at the time when the Prime Minister resigned last time, there was an entity that urged a certain  member of Shinlogy Association  to revive the person of Shinzo Abe. The result is the current state of Japan and the world. This is the common understanding of our long-time members.

The other symbol of this action is the expression of His Majesty the Emperor’s will, and it seems that the human world has decided that the Heisei era will end in 30 years.

The fact that this human world has shifted to a different time and space means that the Japanese system that has been placed in this country will be activated in reality.  It signifies the opening of the door to a future in which the Japanese people themselves will confirm that their sense of history and values are different from those of the Korean Peninsula and mainland China, and that they will also be free from the defeat by the United States in 1945 and the subsequent brainwashing.

The Nanking Incident was set up by the U.S., which carried out the Tokyo Trials, a shameful private punishment in the light of legal justice in post-war Japan, as an incident that would make the Japanese military responsible for killing and wounding a corresponding number of civilian victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It should have been common knowledge to the Chinese people living in that era that it was a fabrication of a story to hold the Japanese military responsible for the massacre of its own people by the military of the Kuomintang government that made Nanjing its capital at that time.

For the first time in history, the Japanese people were occupied by another country, and for the next 72 years, from the Meiji Restoration to the defeat in the war, they were educated as aggressors for about three quarters of a century.  However, they began to realize that this was a kind of transfer of values of a certain human group that was the main cause of a series of movements, from the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Soviet Union, and the rise of the Chinese Communist Party.

Think about why you have this realization now.

Those who have studied Shinlogy know that only those who know the true nature of the energy can deal with the demons that originate from the monotheistic religions that effectively control the world today.  However, it is the Japanese archipelago and the inside of the microcosm of each and every human being living on that archipelago that has been prepared as the stage for this biblical Last Judgment.

Unfortunately, this requires the awakening of the Japanese language brain, the light information system in our brains and bodies that conceals the ability to properly verbalize the energy of the Spiritual world, and no one but those who grew up in the Japanese archipelago can play this role.

The secret of the development of the Japanese language brain, which transfers information from the spiritual world to the human world, has been hidden in the Japanese culture handed down mainly by the emperor families. However, at this time, the disclosure of this secret is rapidly progressing.

The creative power of the future world lies in “words”.

President Trump, whether he succeeds or fails, will end the American century. The  year 2017, is the time when the hope that lies ahead in Hi no Moto is beginning to appear on the surface of Japanese people’s consciousness.




January 26, 2017

Seki Tetsuo



Hi no Moto is the old name for Japan. It literally means Origin of the Sun.

cf. Nihon-koku 日本国  means the land of rising sun.