Lord of the Atheistic Universe (Vol. 759)


As we reach the year 2021, my journey to solve the problem of God on Earth seems to be coming to an end.
I guess the biggest problem for me now is that there are people who can annihilate the hado of the MoneySeal (仮), which is one of the most important hado seals (仮) given by the Shinlogy Association, and there is something hidden within them that they don’t want the secret of the MoneySeal to be known. What follows is my current understanding.

In the depths of the hado of money, there is an energy realm that can be called the hell of the earth, which, as the name implies, has its own seat inside the earth. In close proximity to the hado, there is a realm of hado that could be called the pool of scientific knowledge, and it is my understanding that the data of today’s human scientific knowledge originates from that pool.

If we superimpose the thesis that this world is a demonic world on this knowledge, it means that the entire material universe that we humans think we know today forms a demonic world in terms of the spiritual world. In other words, we arrive at the hypothesis that current science is effective in explaining the demonic world.

There is a reason why such a hypothesis arises. I was wondering why the being that governs me does not show any interest in the realm of human knowledge, such as physics and mathematics, which would lead to the clarification of this material universe.

I have asked it (the being) several times, and the only answer I have gotten is that it must be of its own world. To put it another way, the material universe is a demonic world, so it is useful to understand its laws.

It is the fate of the universe as we know it today that matter is born out of nothing and eventually closes into a vacuum, and atheistic cosmology says that the energy of consciousness born in the flow of time follows the same fate.
This is the position that consciousness energy is a material part of this universe.
What I do know, however, is that the prayers of righteous human beings reach outside this material universe.

Prayer, in the normal sense of the word, is energy of consciousness. In fact, it is mental energy, but it shows itself (prayer) to be out of the gravitational field of this material universe. The moment you recognize this, all human knowledge that you have attained so far collapses.

This law of the material universe is E=MC2 as Einstein thought, as I always mention, but if you think that energy can be transformed into some kind of energy that is not bound by the laws of the material universe in a universe where matter and time flow, you will have a better understanding of the possibility of divine consciousness energy.

This correlation between the macrocosm and the microcosm of human beings is the reason behind the conventional belief that human beings are a microcosm.
In other words, as long as humans live in atheism, they are born, live, and die on a path that is forever closed to the unimaginable realm of the eternal vacuum.

We are about to learn the final answer to why atheism is so powerful, but before we do, we must learn the historical fact that the power of money and the power of atheism act as one and the same in the human world today. In the human world, this power is the main source of the dark energy that defines the biblical era, Christ and anti-Christ.

In other words, the theme that we humans perceive as the conflict between Light and Darkness and cosmology are one and the same. Herein lies the answer to what I have wanted to know most since I was born into this world.
The true identity of the master of this world, the one who has determined the shape of this universe, came into view beyond this money hado problem. That day, that time, is coming soon.



May 27,2021 (the first year of Shinki)

 Seki Tetsuo