Japan’s Root Cutting (Vol. 755)


It has become clear to me that it is the identity for the system of Japan that was put in place about 1300 years ago to finally solve the problem of Jesus on the cross. And because of that system, not only the boundaries of the gods and goddesses, but also that of Buddhism, Onmyōdō, and other layers of energy were deposited in the Japanese archipelago to paint the surface thickly to seal the past, so to speak.

The correct information in the Spiritual world had informed me that there would be no solution to the problem unless the historical prejudices created by these sedimented human desires were eliminated, and it was perceived, at least by me, as almost impossible to do so.

To put it bluntly, the presiding deity of the earth has allowed the earth, or rather this world, to be used as a place to tell the story of the solution to the problem of the God of the Bible, and has allowed the original history of Japan to be altered in order to prepare for this.

However, there was a time limit attached to it, and it was up to the day and the hour.
In the Spiritual world, the day and the hour have already arrived, and in the space-time we live in, which is a reflection of it, it can be said that it is just around the corner.

The word I used for the title of this article is “Japan’s Root Cutting,” and it means that the Japanese archipelago has a powerful root, or konkowane, at its root, and in order to deal with it, the energy of the mythical world had to be brought to the surface.

But it seems that the time has come for me to report that it is coming to fruition.

The details will gradually be brought up to the Light Data of the Spiritual Realm, but what I know at this point, in summary, is that the lid has been lifted on the Shikoku-Shinokuni, which was put there for the sake of the Japanese system.

What will happen as a result of this is that the time will come when the old, ancient land of Hades, where Izanami presided, will be illuminated again, which was under the human spiritual energy that Kukai had sealed away with the 88 wards. In other words, the time has come for the rightful presiding deity of the earth to ask the God of the Bible to return the earth.

It took this long to separate the Light and Dark Sides of the God of the Bible.And now the earth is ruled by a god-like consciousness that was born from the Dark Side of the God of the Bible. I recognize it as the Devil of Atheism.
The tool that this atheistic demon is using to control the human world is a human-derived creation called money. If you can understand this, you have already graduated from the age of God in the Bible.

Think about why I am telling the world of humans the way this system works. Isn’t it possible that there is some kind of will behind this, some kind of covenant between the God of the Bible and the God of the Earth, and that the space-time we live in is being used as a story-telling place to implement this covenant, and that it is time for humans to know the laws of this universe?

It is the subject of that will that I refer to as the being that governs me.
Its will wants the promise of the Last Judgment to be fulfilled in this world, and it wants to give the current humanity, the Son of the Old God, the ability to carry it out.

In this way, human beings living in the present age can acquire the ability to decipher the energy of information distributed in the flow of time of history, and be able to exercise God-like power within the microcosm of themselves to do what human beings in the past were considered to be only able to do or know by God.

Once you understand this, you will choose to go beyond God or Buddha rather than seek salvation from them.
Shinlogy is a gift from a being much higher than the God we know in words to point the way, for the sake of the gods of the earth and humankind.




April 29, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo