Iwato-Biraki in America (Vol.741)


I have received word of the ” Iwato-Biraki  (the opening of rock door) in America ”  regarding the United States on January 20, 2021, and I will provide you with what I have been informed about it, to the extent that I am allowed to disclose it.

It was on September 11, 2001 that the Iwat was closed and the light was extinguished in America. I have informed you many times that America lost its God’s Breath at that time, which means that God’s light was extinguished from America. With that, the dark forces that controlled the United States began to move rapidly toward the completion of a monopoly system of wealth and power on this planet, with a handful of select human groups and most of the people on the planet as the property of those human groups. And somehow, just as it was about to be completed, a man by the name of Trump was elected president. That was in 2016.

And even though Trump would have won the November 3, 2020 presidential election if only true Americans had voted for him, the mass media, the judiciary, the Congress, and almost all other institutions that should support the American nation have rallied against Trump and achieved the emergence of a Democratic candidate for president, ostensibly to protect their own interests.

As I was observing the situation in the U.S., a word arrived in my mind.
That is, the system of the-last-one-hundredth is also the system of money. If you look at the world today from that perspective, you will see that most of the money on earth is owned by the dark ones. It is almost impossible for ordinary people to change this within the rules of human society that exist today.

However, what is going on in the U.S. today is a movement that will overturn the basic platform of our society that Western civilization has built up over 2,000 years.

The biblical prophecy of the end of time is that the time will come when the wicked will do more and more evil, and the Final Judgment will begin.

It should become clear from now on that the time from when America lost its light until today has been a time for human’ divinity to be awakened or tested by the infestation of evil.

As witnesses to history, we, the non-Americans of the world, are seeing that there are more than half of the diverse peoples who are now called Americans who are rightly seeking the light. I don’t need to say much about what lies ahead, as it has already been written in the Shin-Maga newsletter (@Godbrain.com) released on January 18.

God will return and the promised Kingdom of God will emerge on earth.
With the hand of the American people opening up the closed Iwato(rock door), the land of the United States of America will improve its stage as a place of spiritual energy, just like the islands of Japan in the past. Then, the United States, which has become the Kingdom of God, will take on the role of spreading the gospel of the Bible to the rest of the world and liberating the people of the world.

Without a proper understanding of how God and the gods work, we will never be able to accept that these things are the consensus of the gods and goddesses of the earth, and that they are becoming a reality. The end of the age of religion means that the past history of humans’ selfish interpretation of God’s words and passing them on to others will also be judged.

In the past, this world has been led by wicked people to a world where the devil is their god. This world has been led by wicked people to a world where the devil is God, and there is a rule of darkness that has been stalking the desires of human beings to dominate and monopolize land and wealth in the name of a false God.

In the near future, all human beings living on this earth will know the history of the battle between light and darkness in the Spiritual world, and as Shinlogy tells us, they will learn the rule that what happens in the Spiritual world will become a reality in this material world, which is a reflection of the Spiritual world.

The next plan will be the rightful transfer of power. It will be the story of the beings of the Sword God Realm in Japanese mythology going to those who have kingship on earth and asking for a change from Ushihaku-Kuni* to Shirasu-Kuni*.

The symbol for this use of force is the sword of light, as the Final Knowledge tells us.

The inspiration for the sword of light came from the Japanese samurai, and many people realize that this was one of the prophecies that announced this event.  At that time, the world will rediscover Japan and people learn about the divine system I am telling you about.



January 21, 2021(the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo




Ushihaku means owned by the master. Ushihaku-Kuni is a country built by a dictatorship in conflict, with a structure of rulers and ruled. The ruler there is equal to the owner of the country.



Shirasu means to inform. In Shirasu-Kuni, all people disclose information and rule the country together. No one person decides what to do, and there are no rulers or ruled.