Humans are able to connect with God

A new system of the spiritual world is being prepared for the new age of humans. The details of how this system was born are described in the text “The Perfection of Knowledge” added at the end of “The Final Knowledge.

I was taught that since the spiritual world of the past, which had covered human consciousness until now, has been erased, humans can connect to the data of the creator, God, across this 13.7 billion years of time and space, if they have a clear will. To explain this in simple terms, the data of the spiritual world transmitted by the religions of the earth in the past was a closed system program designed to direct human consciousness to the original point, so to speak.

It was a program that directed science to discover the Big Bang and to know that the age of this universe is 13.7 billion years.
As humanity stands at the starting point of this new knowledge, beyond the time break of 2005, there is no need for the religious spiritual worldview that has directed our consciousness to the past. From now on, the spiritual world itself will be placed in an open system that creates the future, instead of a closed system of information toward the past.

There, of course, it will be possible for any human being to come into contact with the correct data of the spiritual realm of God. In order to do so, you need to change your own view of the universe and the spiritual world, and develop the ability to contact that realm.

In fact, it is quite simple.

The key word is “prayer.” If you have the concept of God, which is not a being in this universe, and if you pray with the will to approach that being, then you can connect with God. This is where the new evolution of the human spirit begins.



September 11, 2005

Seki Tetsuo