Finally (Vol.691)

On February 2, 2020, the after-life-data of human group, those who were atheists in NYC ,generally called billionaires, released from a member(of Shinlogy Association) as my recognition “object”, during our counseling session in Oita, Japan.

It’s been a little known for some people that the world’s richest people mostly transfer their assets to foundations in the US so that their descendants can maintain their wealth in perpetuity, avoiding the burden of inheritance taxes, etc., but even these millionaires die eventually.

What kind of afterlife would  the human group of globalists and also atheists have? That’s my subject of interest for long time. Finally, the door to the world’s s about to open.
In conclusion, the irreligious, atheist spirits have nowhere to go, so they haunt a human’s microcosm with certain qualities. Then, the mental state of the obsessed person becomes a kind of multiple personality, at worst, he or she is tempted to death.
Those who are atheists and made fortunes in NYC, they seems to have commonalities  such as a personality with very aggressive, egoistic traits, which brings aggression towards others like in a different dimension for the ordinary Japanese people’s linguistic sensibilities.
As a result, a person possessed by these spirits of death will experience sort of living hell, destroying relationships, for example, even family.
Consequently, the person possessed by these spirits of dead are going through a living-hell, for example, his or her  family relationship will be even destroyed.
Considering the case, what kind of rules applied that theses foreign dead spirits invade a human, who is Japanese and living in Japanese islands? There is no doubt that significant change is occurring in the system  of the spiritual world on the earth. At least, I recognize so.
In fact, I notified beforehand the day to come that  such data would emerge from the member.  And what was needed to solve this problem was the knowledge of Shinlogy  and the IconSeal. Therefore, it is the arrival point  of knowledge at the current moment.
 Here’s why this problem cannot be solved without the IconSeal, because those spirits, or more commonly, evil spirits once occupied a position in a human’s microcosm, basically, they should be decomposed by only the human’s self cleaning capacity so far.
However, the IconSeal given to the Shinlogy Association made it possible for humans to perform the separation of things of light into the Light, and things of darkness into the Darkness, as a main character.
What became clear in this member’s incident was the path to a solution:the use of the IconSeal to eliminate the un-self-consciousness that existed in our own bodies. In other words, each and every human being is ready to work as a vessel of Judgment. The day, the hour, is finally approaching.
It became certain  the spirits of human group, as death comes to all humans, will also transfer to human’s body as vessels of the Last Judgement by someone’s  force.
Devils from Christianity and inside humans whose soul were sold to them have created Western modernity. When the human died the Devil transfer to another human, and one after the other to stay alive. It doesn’t have much time left for the system used until now.
If you link these issues and the COVID-19 problems which the world is in a big uproar about, would be  one civilized result from human’s actions with demonic energy.  By recognizing that you’ll see the  direction of catastrophe coming up.
The current Chinese Communist Party came into existence by the cooperation of the  human group that  ruled the US now. They both are pawns of the Devil from in the view of the Spiritual world. The human  grabbed the splendor  of the world as Devil’s instrument, also die eventually.
The lack of Judgment prior to death has been the reality of the human’s spiritual world up to now, so atheists have been able to buy the dominance of this world with the power of money, but when most humans realize that there is a Judgment in the afterlife, there will be no one to kneel to the dark money.
I  would say that humans  are going to see the difference between light money and dark money in the future.
February 6, 2020
Seki Tetsuo