Fate of the Earth (Vol.746)


It seems that in the year 2021, the true nature of the dark forces that have been controlling the human world will be recognized by the Spiritual beings who are the source of our souls in current times.  I feel that day is probably coming soon.

If the true nature of the Darkness is not revealed, the destruction of civilization will occur before the Last Judgment occurs.  Since my perception is of the spiritual world, it is not the same as the battle between light and darkness in the human world that is said to be going on behind the U.S. presidential election, which many people in Japan and America are interested in. However, as this world is considered to be a depression of the other world, there is no doubt that it is a reflection of a past battle in the spiritual world.

Yet, the identity of its opponents is still in the dark.  In order to fight this battle, most of the divine realm with swords of Light, which used to be called the sword divine realm in the place that used to be called the Japanese divine realm, have left the Japanese archipelago and are working to save the earth itself from the darkness.

I have reported that God and deities do not die, but it seems that there has been a great deal of sacrifice in this battle. Eventually, when all is said and done, a report will be made, but the battle is apparently still ongoing.

Although it is a work in progress, the reason I have mentioned previously that changes will occur this March 2021 is because I know that preparations are underway to demonstrate the power of the Bible’s words as they should be.

The details will be announced in March, but the command of the “icon”given to the Shinlogy Association should be changed.  By doing so, many people will come to know that a certain kind of will has been at work between the New and Old Testaments of the Bible to prepare this epic story.

What will happen through this is that living human beings will be able to fight with the Light of God against the gods or demonic consciousnesses that have been controlling human beings against the God of the Bible.

I have been informed that the depth of darkness in the human world that has dominated the United States cannot be solved by the activities of supposedly enlightened human groups or the guidance of consciousness space dwellers who are connected through channeling, as ordinary people expect. Nevertheless, humans will solve this problem.

To gain the courage to confront this problem is the theme for the existence of Shinlogy Association in this world.

If you do not know your enemy correctly, you will not be able to win the battle.

The rationale for the trinity of love, courage, and justice that the Shinlogy conveys is that in its completed form, humans should call God.

The Bible was placed on earth in order to complete the existence of God, and its very last act is to be performed by those who have human bodies and play an active role in the unity of God and humanity, and its role will be completed when the trinity of love, courage, and justice is proven.

Once you understand this, you will be able to understand why the bloody images that ordinary Japanese people feel when they read the Bible were written in the past, and why the history of Japan has been blood-stained in modern times.

The Bible and the history of Japan placed on the Japanese archipelago are a pair, and the book “The Final Knowledge” clarifies this relationship.  The text of the Bible alone will never fulfill the will of God, and the human world will only end up with the elimination of human beings from the earth itself, after the result of the fixation of rulers and ruled by atheism as the end result of the governance system of Western civilization with no way out.

The current material civilization, which started from the point where science denied God, was supposed to start from the point where God was rediscovered, but there is something preventing that, and that is the real ruler of the earth today.

They are not humans, even though have human forms. They are not the seed of the soul given by God. The disclosure of this secret will now proceed.



February 25, 2021 (the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo