Exit of Demons and Restoration of Gods

Reisei Jidai (Spiritual Age) Vol. 14

On February 5, 2006, the morning and evening Uta (verses) were delivered by 〈Mioya-Sama〉. The morning Uta was about the preparations for the new world of God and the gods, and the evening Uta was an announcement of the beginning of the preparations.

The most important thing we have learned here is that the age of the ‘Passover’ is over, and God and the gods will work for the next age. It shows that the world is being liberated from the broad biblical curse known as the Passover.
As I have been reporting in this Reisei Jidai ( Spiritual Age) and in “Mikoto Fumi” since the beginning of this year, the wards of the devil’s thoughts that have covered this country thickly have been cut one after another.

However, the liberation from the curse of the Bible also means that the power of the devil, which has been controlling and influencing most of us without us even realizing it, will come to our consciousness. With the beginning of the departure of the demons, the gods, who have been reborn as beings of light, are also reinstating their rights due to this great change in the spiritual world.

The pieces of the devil that have been torn to pieces are invading the human mind. As I told you, from now on, we will be able to see the ghost and demon realms inside our minds.  There may be a boom in the use of evil spirits and exorcists. But, no matter how hard you try to sweep it away, the dark energy will not disappear. It will move somewhere else for a while, and then come back with more power.

Do not think that the gods, who have become beings of Light, are on humans’ side.
〈Mioya-Sama〉has repeatedly told us to make a new covenant. The Light will only guide those who use the words of Light. Remember that humans have been deceiving the gods and goddesses for a long time.

The repercussions are inevitable. It can be called a curse, or divine punishment, but its power is real in the realm of the spiritual world, which modern people ignore. In “The Final Knowledge,” I describe how my companion and I were exposed to these forces as a test for those who know. That was the Spell of the Bible. The number 666 refers to humans…. All humans, in the force field of the old divine story, are affected by it.




February 6, 2006

Seki Tetsuo