Evolution of the Brain and the Mark on the Forehead

(以下は霊性時代Vol.13 脳の進化と額のしるし の英訳です)


I would like to share with you something that I have been given permission to share with the people of this world in connection with the shift in time and space that has occurred.

The Shinlogy Association’s regular membership study program aims to develop the potential of the human brain, and to create a correct model of humanity that is capable of perceiving, analyzing, and creating in the way that human beings should originally be able to, or in mythological terms, as a vessel for God.

You can think of it as a superpower or a new model of brain evolution, but it is actually a human being with the mark of God on his forehead, as foretold in the book of Revelation. Additionally, John’s Revelation also talks about people who have animal marks on their foreheads and hands.

Most people think of the mark on the forehead as the third eye in Eastern wisdom. Of course, there is a third eye in the forehead, and when it opens, it awakens some kind of psychic power. But it’s different. You have to know about that ability, but it belongs to humans.

In the study program for regular members of the Shinlogy Association, in order to teach the energy of Ki (気)、Nen (念) and Ju (呪), we also teach them to create it. In the process, the third eye on the forehead will be opened in varying degrees for everyone. They realize that with this ability, they may be able to control others.

The reason why we teach in just three months what would take ten or twenty years of hiding in the mountains to achieve if it were a past practice is because it is just a passing phase.

Using this third eye to learn about what humans have done in the past and to develop the ability to process that energy is the regular member study program of the Shinlogy Association.

The human body is capable of absorbing and processing the energy of the evil thoughts that are polluting the earth. For this to happen, the brain must be capable enough to understand and deal with the mental energy. The reason we contact and receive guidance from gods and goddesses is so that we can accomplish what we could not do without their divinity. Do you see what I mean?
There is a difference between the Mark of one who gives out energy and fulfills desires and the Mark of one who processes and purifies the energy of others….



Seki Tetsuo

February 4, 2006