Blessings and rumors of wars (Vol. 737)

For this Christmas 2020, messages from angels and saints, well known in the Christian world, have been arriving one after another.  Since there are so many, they are being posted on the SHIN-MAGA page on the Godbrain website instead of this Hikarimonjyo (light document).

Apart from these things, one thing that has been constantly on my mind these days is the famous verse in the Bible, “ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars,” 

Right now, as far as I know, the earth is facing the promised consequences of the Last Judgment.

Americans who loves God are confident of victory in the U.S. presidential election because many of them are what is known as evangelical believers. The word “Evangelical” has its roots in the ancient Greek word “Evangelion”.

In 2020, an anime movie called “Demon slayer” is an unprecedented hit in Japan, and in 2021, a new version of “Evangelion”, an anime movie that represented Japan in a certain era, will be released.

In time, many people will come to understand that these events are not disparate and unrelated, but are pieces of an overall story that are related to each other in what can be called the spiritual history of this planet. 

According to the information that is becoming clear in this presidential election, it seems that a group of people, who inherited the will of John F. Kennedy, who wanted to take America back into the hands of the American people, began preparing for these things in the US in 1995. There is definitely a divine involvement there.This is because I was awakened in 1991, and from the beginning I was told that the people most in need of this knowledge were not the Japanese, but those who thought they were Americans. Moreover, if you read what is written in the book “The Final Knowledge,” which is a collaboration between me and the spiritual world, you will understand that the spiritual world recognizes that the new covenant between God and humans was established at the time of the American Declaration of Independence.

Please consider that the U.S. presidential election has this huge historical background and is going on as a battle of light and darkness that everyone can understand and participate in.
It is becoming clear that this is the story in the flow of time that God has orchestrated, and that the real Final Judgment is to distinguish between those who seek eternal life and those who want to live forever without dying.

If you read the messages of the saints, you will understand that in this story, those who endure to the end are blessed, and at the same time, the souls of those who lived with God and died an atrocious death are resurrected and given a seat on the judgment seat.
And, strangely enough, President Trump of the US seems to be giving a chance of repentance to the human souls who have been pawns under the evil that has ruled the earth until the very end.

This is the love of God and the righteousness of God. In the end, the courage to pass judgment will be tested.
The starting point of Shinlogy is the divine knowledge that the promises of the Bible will be fulfilled.
We have been passing on the knowledge that the land of Japan was prepared to fulfill that promise. The records of the 10 years since 1991 have been published in a book called “The Final Knowledge,” and the records of the 20 years since 2000 are on a website called God Brain, which is based on this Hikarimonjyo (light document).

The truth is that the earth is now illegally owned by a group of people who have refused to obey God’s command to give it back. All of this will be brought out of the darkness and into the light after the US presidential election.

When angels and saints are sending their blessings to those who are lights, there be many human awakenings this Christmas 2020…






Seki Tetsuo