Bible Prophecy (Vol.554)


The Bible says that at the time of the final judgment, the second coming of Jesus will divide all the people into two groups, one on the right and one on the left.The right side is the one who will be saved, and the left side is the one who will not be saved forever because of their sins.
The history of this country for the past one hundred and fifty years since the Meiji era has been a journey to make this scene of the Last Judgment a reality, which is the theme I was allowed to write about.

I have been telling you that the Bible was put in place about 2,000 years ago, and that the Kojiki and Nihonshoki were put in place in this country about 1,300 years ago to solve that problem, and that I wrote the “Final Knowledge” as an exponent of the existence of those Devine  programs, and that the left-right conflict structure of the current political situation in Japan exists as one of those heavenly programs.

The terms “left wing” and “right wing” were invented on the eve of the French Revolution, when the royalists were on the right and the revolutionaries on the left in the parliament. The current situation in Japan can be said to be a replication of that.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was considered as the spiritual leader of the French Revolution, once claimed that the ideal rule would be the co-governance of the monarch and the people, but at the same time, he  insisted there’s  no such a thing exist on earth.

However, even he didn’t know that, his ideal of governance had been in place since the founding of the Far East island nation.

Since the French Revolution, the universal values of liberty, equality, and benevolence as conceived by human have covered the world, and the hegemony of the United States, which believed in something like the absoluteness of democracy, has caused the collapse of both the Empire of Japan and the Marxist-Leninist Soviet Union, which opposed it. And there we have it, the world as we know today.

The starting point for the social opinions represented by the mass media in Japan today is the advanced model of Western modernity, but in fact, that’s  just self-delusion.

As I am a spokesperson for the Spiritual world, where science is considered the child of magic, my position is that much of modern Western thought and philosophy is the result of the demonic consciousness of Christian civilization. From this standpoint, behind the global standard systems of thought created by the Christian civilization in Europe, such as democracy, communism, capitalism, etc., there is a clear manifestation of the evil intention to separate human beings from devine ones.

The reality is that the whole world is heading in a certain direction, and there are repeated schemes to eventually begin seeking a false savior. The final stage of this post-war period in Japan, which has passed without seeing it, is the current conflict between the left and right.

By laying out pretty words on the surface, post-war education has deprived many Japanese of the ability to think, and from now on, the harmful effects of this education on the future should become a problem.

I have repeatedly warned that Jesus would put the adherents of the “death-is-the-end” civilization to the left. I have repeatedly warned that Jesus would put the adherents of a dead-end civilization on the left side, but in fact, that is linked to your current political beliefs.

It would be astonishing if those people such as who repeatedly say and do anti-Japanese things, or those who are called progressive cultural figures or those who enjoy the privileges of the current mass media,  believe that they could live after the Last Judgment. And yet, many Japanese on the left seem to believe that they can go to heaven.

I am telling you that the Last Judgment is Devine program, and it is the same one that has been handed down as the system of the-last-hundredth in Japan. In other words, the Last Judgment will begin at the level of each Japanese person’s soul in the Japanese archipelago.
Now consider that Heaven was involved in the French Revolution and created the positions of left and right wing in order to make the Bible prophecy a reality.

From now on, the network of people who are considered to be leftists in Japan will rapidly reveal themselves. They are not only in the mass media, but also in the government and business world as war profiteers. It is the responsibility of the awakened Japanese people to make sure that they do not turn this country into an offering to the devil.


June 22,2017

Seki Tetsuo