Bhagavad Gita (Vol.766)

For some reason, at this time in 2021, I was asked by a publisher to write a commentary on the Indian classic, the Bhagavad Gita, from the perspective of Shinlogy at the time of reprinting.

Perhaps the client knew that I have contacts with the Indian God Realm and wanted to know how this Japanese translation of the Bhagavad Gita is positioned in the God Realm and how information is shared from the Indian God Realm to the Japanese God Realm.

The translator was a woman named, Tanaka Kangyoku, who passed away in 2011. When I read this book again, I realized that this translation seems to have some kind of hado in it, and that it seems to be working to reproduce the data of the Indian divine world at a certain time in B.C. in the minds of modern Japanese people. What is important is that in this Gita, a book written in B.C., it is already described that there are three worlds in this human world: the divine world, the spiritual world, and the demonic world.

This knowledge of the three levels of energy or hado in the human world corresponds to the hado of the spiritual world of Sou*, Rei*and Ma*, which are different from the hado of Ki*, Nen* and Ju* that ordinary humans emit, among the vibrations that humans can perceive as Ki, Nen, Ju, Sou*, Rei* and Ma* as conveyed by Shinlogy.

In Shinlogy, “Sou” refers to the hado of the ancient god’s world. In other words, the divine, ghosts, and demonic worlds.

In the past, these three realms had access to the human world on earth.
If we superimpose the data of the history of Shinlogy, we can find out something.

In the pre-B.C. world, it seems that the human world was involved with the conscious beings of the divine, spirit, and demon worlds as objects of recognition.

In the course of history, with the birth of Buddhism and the birth of monotheism, the ghost world was separated from the real world as the other world, and the God world was separated from the polluted earth.  As a result, this world has become a demonic world in the 20th century.

The Gita is also called The Song by God The divinity of its protagonist is Vishnu, who tells human beings to fulfill their role while they are still alive so that they can enter into the divine.

This is because the inner divinity of the material universe is preparing the way for the Last Judgment, and this is its last moment.
It is likely that souls who once had the memory of learning about spirit and participating in the battles of God and gods are once again being brought down to the battlefield to reckon with human history.

In the realm of the spiritual hado the human world, the battle is about to begin in earnest, and its starting point is the Gita’s message that we live in this world in either the divine realm, the ghost realm, or the demonic realm.

In order to shift the purpose of this universe’s existence to the side of human knowledge, Buddha came out and Jesus’ crucifixion took place.  However, the fact that the data from the Indian divine realm before the Buddha’s appearance is now appearing in this world can be judged to indicate that the system of knowledge conveyed by the “final knowledge” has been completed in a certain area.

It has been a long road, but the day is approaching when this material universe will be freed from the space-time wheel of eternal warfare as a story universe.  It can be said that human beings are approaching the knowledge that will bring an end to the age of science and technology derived from the money economy and atheism, which are amplifying human misery on earth today.




Seki Tetsuo

July 15,2021(the first year of Shinki)



Ki * (気) is the flow of energy in the body, called qi in China and prana in India.

Nen*  (Nen) is the body’s energy. Ki with human thoughts and feelings on it.

Ju* (呪) literary means “curse”. It is a religious magical spiritual energy that uses the energy

Sou* (想) conception; idea; thought

Basically, humans move up and down through three spiritual energy levels in their daily lives. The upper level is light, the lower level is dark, and the mood of the moment suggests the level we are in. The energy band called Sou is located in the upper layer. Ascending to the Light itself is a way to access this energy zone of Sou.

Rei* (霊) soul; spirit; departed soul; ghost

It’s the energy band of the human ghost world, and it’s the memory of the past.

Ma* (魔) demon; devil; evil spirit; evil influence

It’s the energy band for contacting the demonic world