Beyond the US-China Trade War (Vol.657)


If you observe that  the ongoing trade war between Trump’s United States and Xi Jinping’s People’s Republic of China calmly, you’ll realize that it’s the same path we’ve been on before: the U.S. will not tolerate a Communist China that has risen to the status of the former Empire of Japan.

I have been telling you that an era has begun in which this man-made nation called the United States, that victorious over the Empire of Japan, will relive the modern history of the Japanese nation by confronting the values and behavioral principles of the people of the peninsula and the continent that the Japanese people once struggled with in order to gain hegemony over the Eurasian continent. This is a chronic disease of the United States of America, which has killed off the indigenous Indians and has expanded its territorial ambitions westward.

What lies ahead for now, is the victory of Trump’s America, but that is the end of the American era, which is the program of heaven as I know it. From the perspective of Christian civilization, the descendants of those who crossed over from Europe to the Americas in search of religious freedom should have envisioned a story in which they would head westward and eventually return to the holy land of Jerusalem, but that dream has been prepared to be shattered by the Icon left behind in the Japanese archipelago. One of the stories is the journey of the lost ten tribes to the Japanese archipelago, as well as the existence of Japanese people who have an oral tradition of being descendants of the tribe of Levi, the ritual leaders of ancient Israel.

As is well known, the Hachiman deity that suddenly appeared one day in Usa, Kyushu, is one of the historical proofs of the roots of the mikoshi, the lost Arc that is well known in the Christian world.

Moreover, the records of the activities of Takane Masanori and his successors, the father and son Takane Kazunori, who went to the area from 1933 to 1936 to investigate the lost Ark or Solomon’s Treasure, which they claimed was hidden in Mount Tsurugi(means sword) in Shikoku, are the result of such data being transmitted to the human world.

In 21st century, if someone, in this world, wants to come into contact with the information of a truly monotheistic divine being, the person’s interest will be directed to the Japanese archipelago. It can be said that everything is being arranged. And as the current trade war between the U.S. and China makes clear, the world today has changed from an era of armed conflict up until World War II to a battle over money and the advanced information in science and technology supported by that money.

Behind it all is the Jewish people, whose religious beliefs are based on the Old Testament divinity that declares, “I am the envious one.

They have ascended to the position of controlling the world’s wealth through the operation of a system of interest rates, especially compound interest, which they interpreted as permissible to take from anyone other than themselves, the chosen people, and which has been bought off by virtually all the money on this planet. That’s the situation in the whole world.

What should we do if we cannot benefit from that money in this world?
I suppose most people cannot  think of that was the case in the past. However, the Bible tells us that Jesus was crucified on the cross with the consent of the Jews of Jerusalem who were steeped in such money worship.

What I know is that the world today, the spiritual energy field, including Japan, is at a point where there are souls between the group of people who worship and follow money and the other  group of people who know that that is the road to hell for their souls.

Therefore, each one of us has to choose whether to go to the right or to the left. The knowledge for that is hidden in the Japanese archipelago, and the knowledge to open it up is Shinlogy.

And the structure of Japanese language its syllabary (Gojūon) can be the tool to form the logical circuits that lead to this knowledge in the human brain.

This is the basis of the tradition of learning Kotodama*, which has been handed down to this country. Frankly speaking, people who want to meet God , they’ll get more opportunity,if they have Japanese language brains.

When the illusion of Chinese civilization in the United States disappears, the concept of the rising sun will appear before the eyes of Americans, and that sun is the light, God, and Jesus, which is the hidden preparation of this country.