Beyond the Judgment (Vol.745)


According to the data of the spiritual world, the story of God in the Bible is already almost complete, and we just need to wait for the time when most of people know that the Last Judgment is actually underway on this side of the world.

The essence of what Shinlogy has been telling you so far is that the earth as it is today is a story of the next spiritual world beyond the story of how the God of the Bible fulfills His promise. In order for the doors of time and space to open, the biblical promise of the Last Judgment must take place.

The timing of the Last Judgment,  “that day and hour,” has been unknown even to God.

Shinlogy informs people that the awakening and participation of human beings, the vessels of God, is desperately needed to accomplish what even God does not know.

This means that the savior, or at least within each and every microcosm, is no one but you who is waiting for the savior to come.

In the human world, the people who are blocking this knowledge are the people who are being used by the conscious being who will be judged and have to leave the world after the Last Judgment, and they are almost the same as the people who are the rulers of the world. At the same time, they overlap with the group of people who use the economic system of charging interest rates, which the God of the Bible denies, as a tool to rule the world.

Jesus’ God knew that they were the ones who killed him, but He never knew the identity of the consciousness being who controlled that human group.  They have been referred to in religious terms as the devil or the anti-Christ, but it seems that these terms have also been used to hide their true identity.  Now that their true identity has come to light in 2021, it is a correct perception of the times that the time has come for the Last Judgment to become a reality for the transformation of the current human civilization, and the leading role is not necessarily played by the Americans.

In the past, the Japanese archipelago was prepared as a place of escape for the consciousness beings that existed as gods on this earth, and the data of these gods and goddesses are stored in the energy body of the language, once the Yamato-kotoba (Ancient Japanese) and today the Japanese language. From now on, many humans in this world will know that the language of the divine world is now Japanese.

The starting point for this is the fact that the command that will make the icon stickers work to connect the spiritual and human worlds is Japanese.

As old members of Shinlogy Association know, there has always been a period of learning about the energies of the dark data systems in order for consecrated objects such as oils and water with heavenly functions to function properly.  These things are going on in the IconSeal that is now being given to the Shinlogy Association, and they reflect the battle between light and dark in cyberspace.

It is my understanding that ‘we are now’ in the final stage of preparation, and once this is done, the workings of the IconSeal will reflect the will of Heaven.

So far, I have found that the IconSeal is  a response to the divinity or light and dark data in the soul of the person using them.

This was the main reason why there is a difference between those who have achieved Judgment in their microcosm and those who live in a microcosm where Judgment is not yet known. In fact, this was the greatest lesson for me.

The gods of the earth did not know the Judgment. The meaning of the phrase “that day and hour ” is that even God did not know, because He literally did not know.

There is is the only knowledge that informs people about the mechanism of the Judgment here.  And at a time when the biblical narrative is almost finished in the spiritual world, it is allowed to disclose that the Light that has been given to Shinlogy Association  is the one that will lead humanity, or the human soul, beyond the Judgment.

With this knowledge, the story of God prepared for the Japanese archipelago and the North American continent should move to the stage of completion. Its launch will probably be soon, in March. For now, please wait for that knowledge.




February 18, 2021 (the first year of God era)

Seki Tetsuo