Behind Globalists and Liberals Vol.528


The year 2016, which is almost over, was a turning point in the realization that the post-war era of the victorious United States of America was actually a path to a nation ruled by atheists, called globalists and liberals, instead of the path to a new Christian world that the original American whites had set out to achieve.

A visit to Pearl Harbor by the Prime Minister of this country at the end of the year should be a reminder to the general Japanese public of the principles of the former Japanese Empire, which targeted only military personnel and military facilities for attack. This will open up something that has been sealed up since the end of the war, and will reveal the reason why the U.S. has not won a single war since its victory over Japan. The cause of the defeat of the Empire of Japan, as I have mentioned, was due to the fact that the Meiji Restoration opened the door to a completely different kind of history. As a result, the country was destined to take a deep interest in the Korean peninsula and the area of the former Qing Dynasty.

The idea that the peoples of Mainland China, the Korean Peninsula, and the Japanese archipelago should come together as a single cultural sphere to counter the colonial rule of the Western powers by the white people, was nurtured in the national studies of the Edo period, but it was all human knowledge.

The reason that Shinlogy has to convey this difference between human knowledge and the program that should have been in the Spiritual world to the human world is that the past 150 years have been for the understanding of Freemasonry and Anglo-Saxon, the shadow power of the Christian culture, than for the Japanese program.

Many of the weapons sold to this country during the Meiji Restoration were overproduced for the American Civil War.

There is an aspect of the American Civil War that was used by the group of people who actually control and dominate the United States as a process to expand their dominance in this world through the use of money and weapons. And most of the people in the world do not know how the numerous billionaires who have existed as the national symbol of the American dream have hidden their wealth and how their descendants have established themselves as the ruling class. However, as a result of the 2016 presidential election and the revelation of the Clinton Foundation to the eyes of the world, it is becoming known that the foundation, which was considered to be a model of American idealism and was created by billionaires to contribute to the public welfare, is actually a way to save legitimate taxes and preserve the power of money.

Many of the ruling class that controls the real world are globalists and liberals at the same time, whether they are Americans or not.

Since most of the world’s media are owned by them, they have continued to suppress speech of one kind or another, with their tone also being globalist praise and labeling nationalists as far-right.

I am telling you that the results of some kind of spell that Hitler the Nazi did just before his death are showing up in this current state of American civilization.  The United States, as the victorious nation in the war, carried out a human resource migration called “Operation Paperclip” to the scientists and engineers of Nazi Germany, and the ghosts of the Nazis, along with their values, were transferred to the United States, including the knowledge of a different kind of Satanism, which defines this 21st century America.

The elites of the Chinese Communist Party, who learned the essence of capitalism and the central banking system from the U.S., thought that the world could be bought with money, even if it was fake money. And that is what the world is today.

It was the United States that gave birth to and nurtured Communist China. Unfortunately, by winning the Empire of Japan, the U.S. inherited some role in Japan’s greatest failure in Korea and mainland China. The time will now begin to see how that victory will bring a bitter future.

The day will come when many Japanese will look at the new president of the United States, who will be born next year on January 20, and be proud to be a people with a history of 2,676 years, in terms of the Imperial Era. From that day on, the decline of the so-called globalist and liberalist peoples in this country should begin.




February 29, 2016

Seki Tetsuo