Ascent to Light

A method of “Joka* and Josho* “  to access the spiritual world.

It is now medically known that a healthy mind inhabits a healthy body.  This method of cleaning (Joka) and ascending (Josho) is effective in quickly regaining mental stability even under high stress.

Also, spiritual energy cannot be known unless the human consciousness is kept in a properly awakened state. For this reason, it is recommended to master Joka and Josho.

Close your eyes and repeat the  words (written in romaji) below while trying to rise towards light.

Watashi wa hikari ni tsunagari,

Hikari ni michibikareru-mono desu 

Watashi no isihiki no hikari ni hansuru chikara 

Watashi no karada no hikari ni hansuru chikara

Watashi no ishiki to karada wo sarinasai 

Watashi wa hikari ni jyoushou shimasu 

Ishiki ni hikari karada ni hikari 

Watashi wa hikari ni jyoushou shimasu 

Ishiki ni hikari karada ni hikari 


Once you get used to it, you will be able to ascend simply by refraining from saying, “Watashi wa hikari ni jyoushou shimasu , Ishiki ni hikari karada ni hikari .


1 The basic stance is relaxation.

You can use a chair, bed, or whatever position you feel most relaxed in.

(If you are a member, please hold the ofuda with both hands at firstand for non-members, please fold your hands or put them together. )


2 Abdominal breathing is more comfortable.

Humans usually breathe through their abdomen when they are sleeping. Try to use natural abdominal breathing.


3 Imagine an Elevator of Light

Imagine a path of light that connects the beginning of the universe with the end of the universe. Think of yourself as entering that elevator of light and uttering the words of ascent to the light, which will also initiate a reaction in your microcosm.


4 Strong Wishes are Dangerous

If you wish strongly, you risk venturing into the realm of past religions that have been handed down to people and require decades of practice. Remember, the goal is to purify and ascend to the layer of thinking in order to think.


5 If you see a light, don’t be stuck on it 

Some people see a light just by doing this cleansing and ascending. Of course, there are those who do not see it.


Reactions vary from person to person and also depend on one’s mental and physical state of the day. In addition to light, there may be visions or even words. Don’t get stuck on  the visual light in particular, but ascend. As you are state of Josho, your mind and body will be in a comfortable state. This feeling of comfort is a sign that the Joka process is working. There are times when you may fall asleep. Think of it as a necessary sleep.









⚪︎Meanings of each kanji in Joka 浄化

浄 clean; purify; cleanse; exorcise

化 change; take the form of; influence; enchant; delude; -ization


⚪︎English meaning for Josho (上昇)

noun, suru verb, no adjective

  1. rising; ascending; climbing