Angels and Demons (Vol.161)

Human beings are sinful. Many times during our lives as human beings in this world, we get caught up in what Christianity calls the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust, and radiate them as energy to others. Each sin has a corresponding demon name: Lucifer for pride, Leviathan for envy, Satan for wrath, Belphegor for sloth, Mammon for greed, Belzebub for gluttony, and Asmodeus for lust.

Throughout this historical time of Christianity, many humans who lived in its civilization have thought about the devil, surrendered to his temptations, or fought against him.

Humans are originally born with a soul that is a mixture of Light and Darkness. In that sense, there should be a 50% chance that angels will triumph inside humans. However, a sober observation of past history suggests that demons have never ruled 50% of the total population.

However, in today’s world, it seems that every generation has been infiltrated with values that predictably lead to the defeat of the temptation of the devil, at least in this country.

The most important of these is the desire for money. In this day and age, the absence of money means the deprivation of the right to life and even the freedom of action. The only area of freedom left is in our thoughts. Nevertheless, human civilization originally started from the point that even under a coercive ruler, the spirit and mind cannot be dominated and controlled.

Unfortunately, modern civilization is also just part of the same era that Jesus was crucified. There, everyone is exposed to the possibility of being on the side that crucified Jesus.

I am often asked a question about not understanding the original sin. In response to that, I would ask the question, if you are without sin, why were you born?

We are beings who have chosen to live in the possibility of sinning at any time, and to be tested. So the passage of two thousand years is almost meaningless. It is always an issue of the present. This era has been prepared for each and every human being to think for themselves and accumulate various knowledge in order to meet and find answers to the theme of existence, where we came from and where we are going.

If it is true that Buddha and Jesus were born into this world, then it is also true that you are reading this text right now, and they are a series of stories. Awakening means that you can clearly recognize your position, both in time axis and in spatial axis. There is a role you should assume.

Human existence is a vessel for the awakening of the divinity that lies within. Because of this story, fifty percent of human beings will never become agents of the devil.

In this country, Akuma (demons) of foreign origin are rapidly arriving and attaching themselves to human beings. Since they are human-originated Akuma, the method of “sealing demons in a amulet” described in the “Final Knowledge” cannot be applied to them. To be clear, it is not properly a demon that has separated from God, but merely demonic conscious energy beings that have been created by human thoughts. However, they can be tricky because they know so much about humans.

I sometimes use the notation Akuma to distinguish between these things.  The fact that they are mentioned also means that light will be shed on the existence of human groups who have used these akumas to dominate this world.

The interesting thing about the story of “The Last Dime” is that even the Akuma can become an angel if he repents…




November 13, 2009

Seki Tetsuo