About the False Universe


On March 13, 2006, the secret of the pineal body of the human brain was disclosed in this blog of the Spiritual Age and Gods, completing the the Final 0.01% Program.
The pineal gland in the human brain is an endocrine organ that produces a substance called melatonin, also known as the third eye in lower animals, which is known to have a photoreceptor function. In mammals, the photoreceptor function has been lost, but the pineal gland of birds is known to be able to detect light. The pineal gland of birds is known to be able to sense light, and the individual development of the pineal gland is also known to follow phylogenetic evolution.

Furthermore, at the cellular level, we know that the lens and retinal neurons differentiate during the embryonic period and have the ability to generate the components of the eye.
Mystics have also referred to this pineal gland as the third eye, and have continued to convey its relationship to human psychic abilities or mystical experiences.

The main point of the information I received on March 13 is that this pineal gland of the human brain was not an eye looking outward, but a projector or a lens that projected the vision of the universe or worldview inside the human brain.

Nowadays, people’ subconscious mind is being manipulated and they are living in a false universe and world created inside their brain. Many people’s souls have never been awakened because they are blocked by the strong manifest consciousness that believes that what is projected is reality. But now the secret has been disclosed. The disclosure of the secret means that its function will be neutralized, even if it takes time.

This will allow the energy stored in the field of the human mind to break through its repression and reach the surface of consciousness.
This is the “that day and hour” of each and every human being.
This concludes one of the roles I have had to play on this earth. Along with that, the role of this site (Godbrain.com) may change a little.



March 14, 2006

Seki Tetsuo