About Shinlogy (Vol.216)

The word “Shinlogy” was created in the process of translating the word “Seishin-gaku ” into English, with direct instructions from the being who governs me.

In a book called The Final Knowledge, it is written that it was with these kinds of instructions that the word “Seishin-gaku” was first introduced to the world. The book, “ The Final Knowledge” clearly indicates it is the book after the Bible.

I have gone through many trials and tribulations in order to have the courage to disclose these things to the human world.  So I have been working to help the next generation to depart from the system of knowledge that I have accumulated.

The next generation will be a new type of human being who will be responsible for overcoming the biblical theme of humanity as a whole that created the history of this planet.

The term “Shinlogy” is used in the “shinlogical body method” to convey to these new types of people the laws that exist between spirit and body. This knowledge should be the light that points the way out for human civilization, which seems to be at a standstill.

I have been instructed that it is easier to explain the work of the photographer Yukihito Masuura in shinlogical sense in order to help people understand that certain data conveyed to my consciousness or brain is from the Spiritual world, so I will follow this instruction.

My relationship with the photographer can be found in my writings for the book “Genesis”, including the book titled “I will be Domon Ken”. In those books, there is almost no description of the information exchange between me and the spiritual world.

In “The Final Knowledge”, you will find my contact with Jesus. When the photographer offered me to photograph Michelangelo, I actually passed the information on to Jesus before creating a proposal to work on the human world.  It was then that Jesus said, “I will open the door,” and it all started from there.

On February 16, 2011, the photographer, who had reached a dead end in his photography and was beginning to think about ending the project, but he encountered a miracle of Light at the statue of Jesus Christ by Michelangelo holding a cross in the Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome.

This miraculous event continued to happen even after the photo shoot, and continued to support the photographer both mentally and socially.  A prime example of this was the visit of Empress Michiko to the “Genesis” exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography from April 1 to 25, 2011.  If the Empress had not insisted on seeing this miraculous photo exhibition, the subsequent fate of the photographer would have been very different. According to the human world information, the Empress was brought up with a Christian education, but in the spiritual world. However, the Spiritual world calls the Empress the best “uta-yomi” in Japan today, which to me conveys the high spirituality of the Empress.

In fact, this is the connection between Shintoism and Christianity is actually shown in a secular way, which is the theme of “Final Knowledge.
At least I am not the only one who knows that there’s the fact that Jesus worked there.

Like science, Shinlogy  is grounded in law and repeatability, and most of what I convey is based on the premise that there are multiple witnesses.

More and more people know that Jesus also participated in the “Shinlogical  Body Method” that I was to disclose to this side of the world in 2009-2010.

In this sense, the Shinlogical Body Method, or SBM, is a complete presentation of the expertise of prayer, that was practiced by Jesus and his followers in the early days, after a gap of two thousand years.

If you study SBM, you will have to admit that the Christians who studied with Jesus had the ability to consecrate oil and make holy oil.

About 2,000 years ago, in Mediterranean society, the early Christians, a mysterious group of miracle-working believers had secular support and they overwhelmed the rationalistic Pythagorean medical practitioners, who were more like the modern scientific attitude. There, you can see the true picture of that history.

Shinlogy serves as a way to transfer data from the spiritual realm to human knowledge, which was previously unknown.


January 7, 2011

Seki Tetsuo




  uta-yomi*means tanka composer