A Spiritual Defeat (Vol.774)


I’ve been receiving reports from both the human and spiritual worlds that some people are finally turning from the wards of Japanese shrines to the human groups who are trying to rebuild this world according to their own blueprint with the control of money. In parallel with these events, demonic consciousness beings or evil spirits of Chinese origin, known as the Yellow Demons that had entered the U.S., are now proliferating in Japan.  Perhaps this is the reason why many people in Japan have become aware of the influence of China in the LDP, or Liberal Party as it is commonly called in Japan, and this has led to the unpopularity of the cabinet and the resignation of the prime minister.

In the old days, when the Japanese Shinto world was still in a state of sanity, any Shinto priest who sold out Japan to the enemy would have been cursed or punished by the gods. This time, however, there seems to be no such thing.

As far as I know, with the end of the historical role of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki, the gods, the ancestors of the human group that descended from the heavens, called the Ten-son tribe, seem to have left the earth.

It is the earthly gods, represented by the characters Tenjin Chigi , who are now filling in the void, and perhaps the Japanese archipelago is now moving toward the spiritual world of the pre-Kojiki-Nihonshoki era.

If you can understand this Hado, you can understand the cause of the many events that have caused the people’s reverence for the Imperial Family to rapidly fade away.
It seems that 76 years after Japan’s military defeat in 1945, it has been forced into a spiritual defeat as well.

The Japanese God and the gods are ready to awaken the Japanese people, and the only way forward from here is for the living to work.

The reason why I am optimistic about the future, even though the situation is so urgent and I am making these reports, is because the warfare in America is progressing in parallel with Japan’s spiritual defeat.

The United States of America, an artificial nation, has historically speaking always been a battleground between globalists and naïve Americans who believe in a covenant with God. Superficially, the history of the US from the time when a group of human beings called international finance capitalists took over the right to issue the US currency until today seems to be the completion of the unipolarity of the US, but in the 21st century, as a result of the demons of Wall Street educating the Chinese mafia and creating a large number of yellow devils, the US has already been invaded, and it is now a nation of demons. They have already been invaded. This is the way the spiritual world sees it.

This means that the scenario for the failure of former President Trump was not written solely by a group of humans called the Deep State.
It is my current understanding that the world today is a projection of human consciousness that is shaped by the Kabbalistic historical view of atheism, and the most compatible type of human consciousness with that space-time is the Chinese atheist, and there are 100 million of them in the Communist Party alone.

On the other hand, the number of Jewish people who seem to be controlling the world with money is about 6 million in the United States and European countries, and about 6 million in Israel, for a total of about 12 million.
In contrast, there are still about 120 million Japanese people living on the Japanese archipelago.
To explain the rules of the spiritual world from a shinlogical point of view, human consciousness defines the state of the world.

If 120 million Japanese people can think in Japanese and share the image of re-creating the world in Japanese, they can lead this planet out of the atheistic universe of Kabbalah.
People who have been educated by the Communist Party are not endowed with this creativity, so no matter how many victories they win, they are still only inhabitants of the atheistic space-time.
This is the reason why Japan must experience this spiritual defeat in order to reach true awakening. Everyone, not just the emperor, needs to become Arahitogami* .






September 9, 2021 (the first year of Shinki)

Seki Tetsuo





Tenjin Chigi  (天神地祇)literally means “heavenly deities and earthly deities”


Arahitogami  (現人神) is a kami (or deity) who is a human being.