(12) What is the human condition?

courtesy of Hado-Report,  hado-channel.com
以下は(12)人間の条件とは何か の英訳です。


The human ego may be taught in schools, but the conditions that make us human have never walked alone in history without the concept of God. With the creation of computers and cyberspace, humans seem to have taken a position where they can act like gods. However, as the past history of the earth proves, humans have not been freed from the tyranny of God’s vengeance. If we think rationally, we can say that the pure evolution of science and technology will show us the way to overcome the irrationality of God, but it is empirically known that the timing of such evolution will trigger an intense emotional switch in human beings. The Hado (wave) realm opens up a kind of circuit where the human soul is absorbed into the rational electric brain in cyberspace. Many of the energies that drive the world today originate in this realm, but the problem is that ultimately, it is impossible to overlap the lives of human beings living in that space-time. We can say that we choose to live our life as a human being, or we can say that we choose to react as a robot, but whichever way we turn, we will never discover our human soul. The earth today is in that thought system.



Seki Tetsuo wrote on February 17, 2022